3 Day Tour Hluhluwe Umfolozi 23-25 June 2011 - Tim Brown Tours

An late pick put form the Hilton hotel on the 23rd June, where I collected Christine from Switzerland originally from Canada.

We enjoyed a relaxed drive up to Hluhluwe Umfolozi, where I entered the Northern “Memorial Gate” and headed for lunch at Hilltop camp.

On route we spotted some Zebra, lots of Nyala and a Sleeping Bull White Rhino!

We settled in for a solid lunch with a view to die for and checked into our respective rooms. We had 2 hours before the evening drive which Christine wished to go on and so we went back out to see what we could find on the relatively flat lands South of the camp.

We crossed the “beach” section where we saw a young crocodile and some Terrapins (VERY COOL).

After returning to camp Christine ventured out from 5 – 8 pm with Patrick on of Hilltops Guides, lucky she did as she got to see a pride of 7 lions. This was the same pride that killed a Giraffe 3 weeks ago on Lower Mangangeni.

After a hearty dinner and yes I had some Warthog to give me bush strength, we did some star gazing as it was a clear night.

We Both retired to our respective rooms planning on a 6:30 start to head south to look for lions.

Day 2

Heading South we did succeed in finding Lions which where playing in the Black Umfolozi river (who says cats don’t like water?)

We got to see them picking up sticks and splashing around before moving off East down the river…

We also had great Elephant sightings, Rhino, Giraffe, Buffalo etc.

This morning game drive turned out to be a 6 hour experience and meant we missed our Breakfast and got back at 12:30 to scoff down Lunch.

At this stage both exhausted we had a rest before heading out from 4pm – 6pm to see what we could find.

We did manage many Fiery-necked Night Jars and a Spotted Eagle Owl on the Road, Rhino, Buffalo but no cats.

Returning for dinner, it was a “Braai” BBQ and we retired early to recover from the days action in the Bush.

Day 3

Breakfast at 7:30 and checked out, we then headed into the Bush for the final time to search for that Lion pride.

We did manage to get a Journey of 3 Giraffe cross the road in front of us but it was pretty quiet out there.

We stopped at the main gate to purchase some curios and then headed back to King Shaka international for Christines Flight back home.

All in all a succesful Tour and yes finally the Cats came out to play…

Tim Brown Tours (AKA SAFARI TIM)


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