4 Day Hluhluwe Umfolozi, Emdoneni and St Lucia Tour 25-28 November 2011 - Tim Brown Tours

Another great tour…

Day one after departing from Durban for the Safari tour of Hluhluwe umfolozi, Emdoneni and St Lucia(Isimangeliso) we stopped at the Cat rehab and had a great experience with the Cat!

On entering Hluhluwe Umfolozi, we began seeing loads of White Rhino(considering the Rhino poaching statistics at over 400 for they year) this was great!

After lunch we went around looking for some Elephants and Cats, we managed the Elephants near the southern Section Umfolozi and big heards of buffalo.

It was great for me as one of my clients loved birds and this helped me as I could focus more on our feathered friends and lining up the vehicle for great photos.

The dinner at Hilltop camp was great as always maybe too good, and the first 2 morning we heading into the game reserve at 5am in the persuit of good sighting.

On the Second morning we got an amazing sighting of African Wild Dogs only the most endangered carnivores in Africa (a female with 4 pups). We also saw Rhino, Wildebeest and Zebra all around a watering hole.

Great Giraffe sightings and loads of impala lambs.

We were lucky again in the afternoon of day 3 as we saw saw a young male Lion up a tree.

Basically the bush was pumping and we were making the most of the time we had.

On the last day I went off to St Lucia or Isimangeliso wetland park for the estuary cruise and this was brilliant aswell with loads of crocodiles and Hippos.

From here we returned to Durban after an exciting tour…

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