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Bush Ethics when walking with guests up to Animals.

I experienced an incident this morning when I was making my way into a Confirmed Lion sighting.

This is the first time I have ever witnessed in my opinion a “Grossly Unethical” situation caused by a KZN – Parks guide.

As I approached the sighting I realised that this guide was on foot with his guests while 2 Lions were hunting Impala in an open area.

No sooner did I get closer and I noticed the second of the 2 Lions bolt across the Tar- road into the thicker bush ruining any chance the pair had of hunting the Impala and our chances of us seeing the Lions clearly!

This guide then began to walk back to his vehicle with the guests and was adamant that he has done nothing wrong!?

Maybe I have this all wrong and I am the stupid one?

However in my opinion:

  1. A guide should not be walking his guest purposefully to Lion.
  2. A guide should not be walking guests up to Lion while they are hunting.
  3. A guide should not be walking next to a main public road with his guests.
  4. A guide when walking guests up to animals should leave without the animals knowing they were there.


In my opinion these are basic guide lines for any guide who walks with guests in the bush. I always remember being told we needed to leave only our tracks and not let the animals know we had even been there!

Am I wrong?

As you can see by the picture my camera was on full Zoom just to get a picture of one of the Lions. 

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