Drakensberg Day Tour 19.11.11 - Tim Brown Tours

This was an interesting day where as we left Durban for the Tour of the Drakensberg and a 3 Hour hike the weather started off with heavy rain and got better as we moved inland to the Mountain!

Lucky us, however there was not much of the mountain to be seen for the whole day but the hike in the foothills of the Northern Drakensberg from Royal Natal, Mahai up to Tiger falls, Look out rock and Gudu forrest was amazing.

We did get drenched with the dropplets of water on the grasses but it was worth it, sighting of Bushbuck, Baboons, Porcupine dung, Civet Scat and amazing wild flowers, insects and views. All of this made it worth the visit.

After the hike we stopped for lunch at “The Tower of Pizza” and had some great pizza’s the best in the Northern Drakensberg by far! we needed this as the last hour of the hike Lunch was firmly fixed on all of our minds…

It was a very quiet drive to back to Durban for me as my guest nodded off for the 3 hour drive awaking as we entered Umhlanga… The needed the sleep as they had a hectic night arranged in Durban. I suggested as usual Florida rd for a night on the town which Im sure they made the most of.

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