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Its all about passion! I have an absolute passion for nature and the outdoors!

I have been guiding for 5 years in the top private lodges in Africa and now have taken my love of nature to another level. Tim Brown Tours has been running since February 2010. I believe that a guest should always leave wanting to return and have experienced the best that we can offer in everyway. I believe in giving my clients a holistic experience ensuring that they leave having used all of there senses in there experience. An Experience is not only a visual or spiritual one but sences like Smell, Hearing and Touching the environment make all the difference in an average Tour compared to an amazing one!

The areas I now focus on are: Durban Safaris, Durban Tours, Durban and Kwa-Zulu Natal cultural & Historical experiences. Kwa-Zulu Natal in my opinion has so much to offer and more than Cape Town or Kruger.

Durban and Kwa-Zulu Natal expose to it visitors the Bush Tours, Drakens’Berg’ Tours, Battlefield Tours and great Beaches

Through my Durban Safaris I wish to expose the beauty of Big 5 game reserves at a lower rate than you would cough up in the Kruger.

Through my Drakensberg or Mountain Tours, I would like to show clients what I grew up visiting from when I was a young child, these mountains are so beautiful and far less commercialised than other provinces in our beautiful country.

Through my Battlefield Tours, I endeavor to expose what truly went on in South Africa and Kwa-Zulu Natal just outside Durban with great battles over Land and power between the English, Boers(Dutch) and Zulus(local Tribe).

Through my Beach Tours, clients will learn more of the History of Durbanand view beaches which are still increadilbly beautiful and dynamic.

I am very conservation minded and wish to educate people in the destruction man has caused, while giving them an unforgettable experience within nature. I offer to my clients an experience from star gazing to the formation of the earth, flora and fauna and everything in between. I believe in helping clients interpret what they are taking in with their senses and Wow them as much as I can!

Life Growing up:

I grew up in South Africa outside of Durban in a suburb. As a family we always went walking / hiking in nature. Once I entered the world of nature as an adult it became my “Drug”.

Some of the things I have been involved in during my life are as follows:

Social worker in Ireland
Game Ranger in Big 5, 5 star reserves
Tracking Big 5, general game and injured animals
Game capture in South Africa and Dubai (Hands on)
Vaccinating animals
Educational Tours through an animal Rehabilitation Centre
Education of Students with Bush walks and Game drives
I love the phrase I have on a pair of shorts:

“Explore your surroundings, Take only pictures leave only footprints kill only time” That’s how I wish to live….
Some courses I’ve attended:

Level 2 FGASA (Theory)
One year Field Guide and Lodge management course
First Aid Level 1 course with St John Ambulance
Computer Literacy
Sports Massage
I am Registered with:

FGASA (Field guides association of Southern Africa)
DEAT (Department of environmental affairs and tourism)
THETA (The Tourism, Hospitality, Sport education and Training Authority)
DPD Public/Professional Driving Permit)
DOT (Public Transport Permit)
SASSETA Safety and Security, Sector Education and Training Authority)
Durban Tourism (1000 Hills Tourism)
TKZN (Kwa-Zulu Natal Tourism Board)
Lifetime Goals

To develop a career working with wildlife and people (educate) where I can further my love of the outdoors and at the same time, contribute to the development of the environment/communities and the important tourist potential of our beautiful country South Africa!

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