Durban Safaris - Hluhluwe Umfolozi 3 Day Tour 7-9th October 2011 - Tim Brown Tours


As we Departed Durban for our Safari in Hluhluwe Umfolozi we had some great sunny weather all the way to the Game reserve.

Covering bits and pieces of Zulu History, Indian History and Durban/ South African History helped make the trip seem a lot quicker.

When we entered Hluhluwe Umfolozi game reserve for our “Durban Safari” and Bush Experience it was amazing.

The Bush was showing off some of the great animals and plants which it has to offer. I was enjoying showing my Clients from Canada what KZN and Durban area has to offer just as much as they were enjoying the amazing signting we had.

Rhino and Buffalo Mud wollowing, Zebra, Wildebeest and Girraffe. Big Bull Elephants in Musth and general game such as Impala, Nyala and Warthog.

We arrived at Hilltop camp for Lunch and to check in. The view was exceptional as always and this kept us smiling until we went out again for our afternoon drive.

On the afternoon Drive we went down to Mansiya area and did a loop down there where we saw a Crocodile, Buffalo Bulls on the river bed, Elephant, Giraffe and Zebra amongst other interesting things.

That evening after a hearty Dinner “Braai” / BBQ we did some start gazing however the moon being so full affected the brightness of the starts. Im sure that they were still better that those of the northern hemisphere.

Day 2.

Early Morning and I decided to look for Lions around Seme and Maqanda taking the main road to save time we were so lucky to stumble across the most endangered carnivore in africa the Africa Wild Dog!

I was so Stoked and still got to yack on about one of my favourite animals. They were actually hunting and eventually left the road for the bush to rest in the shade!

From there we continued where we spotted Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo and general game. We also got 2 Lions which was a real cherry ontop.

We made our way back for a big breakfast and then a rest.

The afternoon drive was spent looking for a Cheetah with her 2 cubs which was sadly unsuccesful that drive but baby Rhino amongst other treats awaited.

A late dinner and off to bed.

Day 3:

Final drive out we finally got a good sighting of the Cheetah on a hill with her cubs and on a kill which looked like an Impala.

This was a great satisfation after failing the evening before.

Departing for St Lucia or Isimangeliso wetland park as its now called we dodged a few cows and people walking in the road like they owned it… Arriving at St Lucia we departed on a 2 hour boat cruise which was really nice but hot!!!

I think I came away with 3rd degree burns after forgetting my hat… silly me…

Hippos and crocodiles mating and play fighting with mouths open was a really highlight.

Onward to Durban City after a very enjoyable tour!

Tim Brown Tours

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