Hluhluwe Day Tour 30.11.11 Canadian Wildlife Federation - Tim Brown Tours

This was a super lucky day!

I was relieved not to be driving as we had 12 clients so I could just focuss on the guiding, I soon realised that I was just as difficult just doing one thing! very strange…

Any how we entered Hluhluwe Umfolozi at Memorial gate in the north and were lucky immediatly as we found Zebra and Wildebeest one of which was in the process of giving birth! She had 2 hooves protruding from her rear…

From there we found a big bull Elephant in the road who was in Musth and not to happy with us so we slowly left him to enjoy his morning.

Soon after we spotted a White Rhino mud wollowing and a Journey of Giraffe.

As we aproached the camp Steve the driver spotted a Black Rhino on the Hill East of the camp and we realised it was definatly a Black rhino or hooked lipped rhino.

We had our lunch at Hilltop camp and after asking 3 times for assistance from staff to put tables together I just did it myself with the driver!

Heading down south to exit at Nyalazi gate we also saw another 2 Bull elephants and about 10 White Rhinos.

We them exited the park and began the long drive back to durban where many folks fell asleep after the long day in the bush and on the road.

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