Hluhluwe Day Trip 5/6/11 - Tim Brown Tours

This was one of those days that everything seems to be far away from the road or showing its rear end to us… The best close up sighting were Baboons, Vervet Monkeys and Zebra.

I had a group of 4 from Australia who were on a 46 day ship cruise around the world. They had stopped in Durban for the one day and disembarked the “Sun Princess”

I collected them and took them straight to the park, I had word that there were lions on a kill in the south but the clients were quite happy to take a leisurely drive as apposed to chasing the lions.

What I should mention is that sadly one of my clients was Blind which made the day more difficult when the animals were not near the road for her to see their shape.

Non the less we made the most of the trip and I drew a bit more attention to aromatic plants, dung and scented pots of the Scented thorn!

Im sure the next trip will bring the animals just a little closer, it must have been murphys law…


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