Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve Day Tour 8/7/10 - Tim Brown Tours

Hluhluwe Game Reserve Day TourHluhluwe Game Reserve Day Tour 8/7/10

What a fantastic day!

I had the same 3 Americans plus there friend George a man originally from Kenya, who moved to the States and has now returned home! Thats really heart warming was great to meet you George and of course the rest of the croud, Sharon, Christian, Rich, Jonathan and Sole(Mexicans living in the states).

We were also joined by June(England) who was on the Tala tour a few days prior, Thanks June!

Well what can I say except Rich had a Hawk eye on the left and we had a blast of great sightings!

Elephants swimming, wollowing, drinking, feeding, playing even a Male with 5 Legs(wow)! Tiny babies less than 4 weeks old!

Rhinos with babies one was so new the mother was very scared to show us her little one, they had been drinking next to a young bull elephant that took fright as soon as we spotted them!

The second Rhino we spotted with calf had clearly had young before as she was allowing access to the youngster for photos!

Buffalo wollowing in the mud, bachelor heards and young!

Nyala both male and female, Vervet Monkey’s, Rapters and general bird life!

Fantasitic Warthog, Bush Buck and many Giraffe in the hills!

It Truly was a day when words could not describe the beauty of the sightings!

Thanks for all the participants….


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