Hluhluwe Tour 20/2/11 - Tim Brown Tours

A day filled with Elephants and peptides.

Just south of Hilltop camp there had been lost of Elephant activity overnight so we investigated and found that their were still some straglers to the large herd.

We enjoyed some good sightings one of a 6 month old baby elephant crossing the road very close to its mother legs.

Lunch was interesting as chatting to my Swedish guests they seemed to be scientists and worked with something called ‘Peptides’ which aparently are the linkages in amino acids???

Well I learned something new.

Had a chat with Ephraim one of Hilltops guides and we were chatting about Shangaan and IsiZulu and how similar words for animals were.

I discovered that Nyala in Zulu is Tshabalala which is the same for Kudu in Shangaan and both mean ” Disapear” which is beacause of this antilopes behaviour.

Good day all in all with out the cats once again. The long grass and heat of the day snuffing out our chances.

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