Hluhluwe Umfolozi 3 Day Tour 26-28 October 2011 - Tim Brown Tours

This was a great tour for what the Gods handed us in bad weather we definitely made the most of the rain!

We were very successful with Lions Mating on first and second day, NB: I have made a video which I will post on my Youtube soon.

Herds of Buffalo, Rhino all over the place (One female had the most disgusting Tumor growths on her teets which I didnt show as its not pretty) Elephant eventually near the Southern Gate of Nyalazi, Zebra and Giraffe amongst other great species.

With the rains the Dung beatles have arrived and are very busy cleaning up the bush. We saw a Plum Coloured Starling twice (new name cant remember!) Mating plumage of the Pintailed wydah out in full show aswell!

Stunning time after departing Durban for our Safari in some dodgy looking weather.

Great food and my guests were on honeymoon which made it all that much more special to get the great sightings in Hluhluwe Umfolozi game reserve as we did.

Ironically its been the first time I actually have had the camera handy to film Lions mating in the wild! I have a few videos of Leopards but not Lions so this was nice for me…

Great food at emdoneni where we rested our heads at night and had a great Cat Tour of the rehab centre.

Basically the bush was pumping as it has been doing in the past month or so,

Loved it, you should definitely join a Durban safari or Tour heading for the African bush.

Tim Brown

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