Hluhluwe/Umfolozi Day Tour 13/6/11 - Tim Brown Tours

Yesterday met my clients (4 Australians who have been is SA for a week conference) at their hotel on Ridge Road at 7am.

We were blessed with the weather after it had been cold and rainy the past week so excitement was high and I had hopes that today was going to be a good day.

Once we entered the park (for a change on the northern side) we encountered Buffalo’s, Elephant, Zebra and Antelope in the hilly slopes.

There was the usual bird life, Signs and insect life but slightly lacking on the game front.

This didn’t deter us as we settled in for a solid lunch at Hilltop Camp and set off again to try and better our mornings drive.

We where fortunate as in the last hour we ended up having great sightings of: Buffalo, Rhino crossing the road in front of us, Giraffe, Elephant, Warthog, Nyala Bull, Impala and so on.

It seemed that finally all our eyes had become adjusted to the bush and Mark, Simon, Andrew and Ben were spotting animal left right and centre!

All in all the day turned out to be a success as it always does. And we all took something away from the whole experience.

Nature is amazing just watching a Citrus Swallow Tail (Butterfly) sucking up nutrients from Rhino Dung and being surrounded by a herd of feeding Buffalo and give us all a lesson in life. You just have to be open to it….

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