Hluhluwe Umfolozi Emdoneni and St Lucia Tour 13-15 November 2011 - Tim Brown Tours

This was one of the most amazing Durban Safaris/Tours I have take my clients on.

I picked up my clients for the Safaris outside Durban and we headed to a Cat rehabilitation centre before heading into Hluhluwe Umfolozi game reserve for our Safari experience.

The Cat Rehab was great as usual we interacted with the cats, Serval, Caracal, African Wild Cat and Cheetah. The who experience was fantastic.

Once entering the Hluhluwe Umfolozi we did a 2.5 hour game drive to get to Hilltop camp and saw Rhino, Buffalo, Zebra and Giraffe which being a first for the clients (Dan, Vicky and Jack) made it more memorable.

After a quick bite to eat we headed back out for a few hours to try find more exciting Wildlife.

The rain came but Jack discovered Amarula Cream (from the fruit of the Marula tree) this kept his spirits high.

We wondered why we were battling to find the cats and Jack cracked a memorable comment: ” Where are the leopards/Cheetahs they are usually Spotted” That cracked us all up and was a standing joke for the trip!

The Second day we left at 5am for our Safari and I decided to go South to find the Elephants, this didnt prove very fruitful and on our way back we saw much more than on our early morning stint.

Back at camp we rested and had no water at camp for most of the trips so we all smelt like baboons!

Later that day I swore to myself we would be succesful and finally we got a mother cheetah and her 2 cubs up on a hill in the Northern section of Hluhluwe. A sigh of relieve before I took it out on my fridge(Joking).

We rushed back for the open vehicle night drive but sadly niot much was seen.

Hot soup and a roasted dinner in the african bush went down well.

We departed the following morning at 7:45 and we had one last chance to see elephant!

Well we got more than we bargained for as you will see in the above pictures.

I spotted a Bull Elephant which was slowly making his way to the road where we where so we waited for him  to cross.

Another vehicle stopped behind us and left its engine running which obviously would stress the animal more than if it was off!

No amount of gesturing to the driver made any difference so we braced ourself for some fun.

Bull elephants if they are not in musth are usually relaxed so I wasnt to worried being 8 meters away and having no escape route due to this “monkey” parked behind me!

The Elephant stopped 5 meters from my car at a little wollow of muddy water and started to have a mud bath! out came the cameras and videos…

The next thing I see him such up a trunk full of mud and he lets fly with it straight at me, of course the windows were open so I got covered, they guest and my camera, seats and windscreen/side of car.

Man what a great experience, that definatly ranks as one of my best and favourite sighting with an elephant!

WE then left and headed to St Lucia and to get changed into clean clothes.

The cruise was great and so was the massive pizza at lunch.

After this we did the board walk from the estaury to the beach and then departed for Durban.

Man what a Tour….

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