Hluhluwe Umfolozi, Emdoneni and St Lucia Tour 21-23 November 2011 - Tim Brown Tours

I collected my Clients from Durban and soon realised how small the world was as we knew some of the same people in South Africa!

Rebecca and Mat were from Paupa New Guinea but originaly Australia.

So of course similar way of life and surrounding to some extent.

The cat rehab was a great experience once again and after mentioned a childhood story where I got bitten by a Wallaby in Australia I then ended up getting a love bite from one of the Cheetah brothers!

After this we headed into Hluhluwe umfolozi where we had a great start seeing loads of Buffalo and Rhino, Zebra and other general Game.

After lunch the heavens opened and we decided not to risk not seeing anything so I watched the end of the Cricket were South Africa lost narrowly to Australia which was a talking point.

Great dinner and an early morning 5am proved succesful and we saw a Elephant which was very far away… but still an Elephant!

We were also luck again as we spotten 2 wild dogs the most endangered carniviore in africa which was super cool!

The afternoon we went out and tried tracking half day old Lion tracks but sadly they had moved into the thick bush so we has no luck.

Evening/Night game drive was ok for Rebecca with 2 Hyenas but not much else, suppose with all the rain the cats took shelter…

On the last morning we rested till 6am then had breakfast and went out from a final game drive to spot a final few animals before departing for St Lucia where we did the board walk out to the estuary and saw hippos and crocs lying in the water and on the banks.

A wimpy lunch went down well and onward to Durban it was…

Tim Brown Tours

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