Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve Day Tour 18.7.11 - Tim Brown Tours

Winter has truly come to Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game reserve! It is nice and dry and they grass has finally died back somewhat!

I thought Id head down south to the Black Umfolozi river and try and see if there were any Lions near the river or any game for that matter. There was a few Nyala having a drink and being a day trip it was the usual test of my will and EYES in spotting game resting behind the bushes.

As my guest mentioned: “Know I know why it is named the BUSH”

They day progressed into a solid day with Elephants, Great Rhino Sighting, a solitary Bull Buffalo and loads of general game.

Our experiences in the bush are truly what keep our souls strong in this rather odd life!

The word “Safari” meaning Journey is true to the bone as driving through the reserve is not just a journey of discovering animals, plants, bird, insects its about an inner journey which sculps us daily.

Ive just realised im preaching, maybe take up a ministering job one day….lol

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