Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve Day Tour/Safari 25/5/12 - Tim Brown Tours

Leaving home early I arrived at the clients hotel in Durban Hotel early as usual.

After meeting with Glenn and Gary they quickly polished off there breakfast and we got the Big 5 Safari started departing from near Durban City and making our way towards Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game reserve – The oldest in Africa and Home to operation Rhino in the 1960’s.

As we went along the way Glenn seemed to have a few questions which I gladly answered as I continued with my usual education of the area, Durban and surrounds, Culture, Colonization etc.

After a quick pit stop on the North Coast we continued arriving at Hluhluwe umfolozi game reserve just after 10 am.

We entered and for a few minutes it seemed quiet until we spotted some Zebra on the Hill North West of Memorial Gate and from there the animals kept coming!

A great sighting of a Herd of elephant including a Bull refusing to move off he road (he was in Musth), Giraffe, Nyala as well as some amazing Butterflies and Vegetation which I mentioned some of the medicinal and cultural beliefs.

We also spotted a heard of Buffalo in the distance.

As we continued we came across a watering hole with water in it(being the dry time of year it is usual for most of the smaller water points to be bone dry). In the watering hole was a herd of Buffalo about 50 strong so we watched them for a while as they relaxed, grunted and gowned.

After a successful beginning to our Durban/ Kwa-Zulu Natal Safari Tour we headed to Hilltop camp for some lunch and this was great.

They have changed there menu and now have Venison pie! Wow all of us ordered it and it was lovely.

Having a look at the sightings board and purchasing a few peace offerings of the wives we decided to head South into Umfolozi as not much had been seen anywhere except where we had been already.

It was quiet a first as it was 2pm but by 14:45 we spotted a Warthog and the Rhinos appeared all over in the distance on the Hills and in the Valleys. As they were resting time became an issues and we held off until about 15:45 before we decided it was time to make our way to the gate and get back to Durban City.

Over all a great day and Bush experience as we enjoyed the peace of nature and the Bush. We were great full to have been able to see what we saw 3 of the Big 5 and some other interesting things along the Safari/Tour.

Departing Hluhluwe Umfolozi game reserve we had 3 hours ahead of us and Gary got in on the act and asked a few questions which made the Safaris/Journey back easier. At this time of the year the sun sets fairly early and by 5pm it was getting Dark.

I finished off with a few more facts about Albert Luthuli and Nelson Mandela, Unemployment and a few other interesting things.

Eventually arriving back in Durban after a great Safari Tour all were tired but happy.

I’m Sure Glenn and Gary will return with there wives one day. I will be posting the CD with the pictures Gary on Tuesday.


Tim Brown Tours

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