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What an amazing tour it turned out to be!

Just when I was stressing that the lions have been a bit scarce of late, they showed up and in force!

Day 1 was a special first experience for my two youngest guest Phillipa and Bronwyn (8 and 9) who were brought back from Australia by the parents to see how they grew up in South Africa. We managed Zebras mating and 2 male warthogs removing ticks off each other which was new for me!

Mom and Dad im sure enjoyed the experience of being in Africa again and to see there childrens eyes when we saw all the amazing animals Hluhluwe Umfolozi has to offer.

After dinner I did a little star gazing with the clients and we all retired for the early morning to follow.

In the Morning of Day 2 I descided to do a look around Seme, Thilida Hide and the other road South of there (name escapes me now).

After amazing sightings of Rhino, Buffalo, Zebra and Giraffe amongst others, we finally had luck with the cats.

We had been following the tracks of a Bull Elephant that had been dragging his truck on the ground from time to time, when we all of a sudden saw White-Backed Vultures flighing and landing at a Carcass about 10 meters off the road clearly visible.

We waited and it was clear that perhaps a cheetah had made a kill early in the morning and the vultures had come in to polish of the remains.

After a quick search for the Cheetah we waited and watched the Vultures feeding and seconds later 5 meters in front of the vehicle crossed 4 or 5 Lions! Two slightly bigger males ran to the carcass chasing the Vultures off and growling at each other as the riped the remains of what was a young Wildebeest apart and ran back to the otherside of the road.

One of the Younger male Lions got a wound to his upper front leg and then 3 Lionesses descided to cross in front of us and make their way to the herd of Wildebeest about 300 meteres away at this stage.

It was awesome…

After this we did find the Bull elephant and right next to the road which was great for the kids to see in the wild and an African Elephant.

That afternoon we managed some rare animal behaviour like 2 bull Rhinos fighting, two red Duikers and Samango Monkeys.

 On the last morning prior to departure to St Lucia for the boat cruise to view Hippos and Crocodiles, we were so lucky again.

Near to the Southern gate of Inyalazi we spotted 4 lions up a marula tree about 200 meters from the road, this to was rare behaviour as Lions do Not have a Locking mechaninsm in their wrists to enable them to come down a tree very proudly!

Leopards do have this extra bone which enables them to be well adapted to going up and down trees, Lions can get up but look rather silly coming down as their wrist bend backwards therefore they slip down…

St Lucia or Isimangeliso wetland park as it is now know, was great. We had some great sighting of Hippo, Crocs and birdlife.

Wimpy Lunch hit the spot and we headed back to Durban after the Tour with the rain to greet us.

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