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  • 31st March 2017

Natures effects on humans

Nature is one of the greatest ways to positively change a humans perspective on life in a very short space of time! Our state of mind effects our ability or lack there of to function in society, nature is key to our development and progress as a human race!

Two weeks ago I was conducting a Safari from Durban to the most popular Big 5 nature reserve, Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve. It was on this Safari that my eyes were opened again as to why I do what I do and why I love my job so much.

As a Tour operator based in Durban I share with my clients the best things to do in Durban and open their eyes to nature, culture and the history of this amazing part of South Africa.

The age old saying “You can take a Donkey to the water but you cannot make him Drink” is so true even with humans, yet it is so important to have the ability with the help of nature to assist a fellow human to “drink”- soaking up the feeling of mortality surrounded by something(nature) that is bigger than you.

In todays day and age we as humans feel this sense of immortality or at least that we are bigger and better than other creatures around us and that we are basically dominant over all else that exists. It is true however that we as humans are custodians of nature but not superior or dominant in any way and this will be shown by the rest of this post.

Being in nature and particularly on a Safari is an experience that as a human can only be appreciated when you experience it. For many of us coming to Africa on a Safari is just a dream which we very often suppress due to life’s commitments.

There is a reason why we feel this drive to do a Safari in Africa and it is not only the amazement of seeing amazing animals or even seeing them in their natural environment. It is an emotional drive within to feel alive!

Some humans go Bungee jumping, Sky diving or drive fast cars. This does give you that adrenaline rush but it will never beat the feeling of having Lions with small cubs walk past your open window on an African Safari!

My clients on this Safari of which I speak experienced just that and it will be something that will be with them for the rest of their lives, the feeling of mortality that something is bigger than you, that something is more powerful than you!

This video shares the experience somewhat with you but it will never beat actually being in nature on a Safari in Africa.

Seeing things like this will effect your mindset in a positive way and this will make you more productive in society!

If you wish to take that leap of faith and come to Africa on safari, Tim Brown Tours will be here waiting for you in sunny Durban, South Africa to afford you the opportunity to feel alive and return home with a content heart!

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