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Shakaland Tour 6/7/10

So then the following day I had the same couple from (Aussie) and 3 Americans who also wanted to experience a Zulu(African indigenous community) Cultural experience!

Please note and this point need to be stressed as, myself as a “white” South African consider myself to be African!

There is no such thing as an Indigenous Race in South Africa as they have been extincted by what is now know as the “Indigenous population”.

The True Indigenous please to South Africa were the “SAN people” basically the Bushmen, they were forced into the Drakensberg mountains by the Zulu Tribes and became extinct! They were the True Indigenous people of the area of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

I consider myself just as much an African as any person who was born in this beautiful country regardless of Skin Colour!

Right Moving on, The Shakaland experience was far more comprehensive than the Phezulu Cultural Village as that is more of a taster to the Zulu Nation!

The Guests at Shakaland got to watch selected segments from the movie of Shaka Zulu, Experience the village, history, Beer tasting and Zulu Dancing.

All in all this was a super experience and is 2 hours drive from Durban city centre.

What a lovely day and a great Traditional lunch (Buffet) there of course was other food to cater for vegitarians and those that were not so adventurous!

What a day! Big up Zululand!

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