St Lucia Day Tour 19/5/12 - Tim Brown Tours

I met my clients in Morningside, Durban at a Hotel I’ve never seen before…

After a quick introduction we hit the road for St Lucia stopping alone the way to stretch the legs and for a coffee.

It was very interesting for me as one of my clients was finishing his Masters in “Gender studies” so we chatted the whole way about Gender and what defines it etc between me doing my job and giving the clients a run down of the area and History.

Once we arrived at St Lucia we headed to the crocodile park where I educated the clients on the plight of the crocodiles, Poaching, Ivory etc.

After an hour their we headed back to the boat where we would be taking a tour of the estuary.

There was a large group of South African Indians and I had my camera around my neck. Well would you believe it I was asked if I could take a photo of them and what I charged…

I told them this was for my personal uses and I couldn’t print the pictures, they then got the idea and left me alone. My clients had a good laugh at this as seconds later a guy asked me where the toilets where…

I mentioned I get this all the time, must be my uniform I always wear when I work.


Anyway the Cruise was great as the Hippos were out in force and so were the crocodiles! Loads of them at least 14 in total.

African fish eagles, Pied and Giant King Fishers fluttered about making it a great experience for all.


After we where done on the boat we headed into town very very hungry and the restaurant I usually was closed due to Taxi Strikes so I found another that would serve more traditional South African foods.

At the counter we encountered a very drunk White South African which decided he would have a word to one of my clients. I’m very glad me didn’t understand and that the restaurant owner was there as this guy said ” Why you look at me Skeef”

This guy was clearly pissed out of his mind and after a quick work from me to the owner he was dragged out of the restaurant.

We then sat down for a lekker Bunny Chow and I explained the history of where and how it originated to the clients.


After Lunch we drove up to the estuary and did the board walk with hippos in the river mouth this was exciting. We walked out to the Indian ocean and I told the clients they had to dip there feet into the ocean as they were from Canada and had only done this in the Pacific ocean.

The did and loved it…


We sadly then had to make our way back to Durban and hit a bit of rain but I was so glad it had come then and not on the tour itself. Shew…


We arrived back at the hotel at about 19:00 after a great day.


Tim Brown Tours


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