St Lucia Day Tour 2/9/11 - Tim Brown Tours

Today was a very hot day for 2nd day of Spring, it was 36 Degrees in St Lucia and it seemed that there was a big Fire South West of the Jetty which was aiding the heat!

Had an awesome walk on the Board walk down by the river mouth where Hippos and Crocs were enjoying the Sunshine out on the river banks. Also bumped into an old mate from “Bush Academy” – Tait was good to check you bud!

River Cruise was so hot that everyone came down stairs which meant it was very packed below. What didn’t help was the fact that there were some rather forward South African school Kids who kept flirting in an inappropriate manner. This sparked questions from my clients and lead to an extention of my Culture of South Africa talk….

Great day otherwise and a Bunny Chow for lunch. Was great to teach my clients how the Bunny Chow came about etc.


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