Tala and Phezulu Day Tour 18/9/11 - Tim Brown Tours

It was a hot day in Durban and Tala and Phezulu cultural park was no different.

After collecting from Durban hotels we made our way to Tala private game reserve and has a great sighting day as all the animals were drawn to the watering holes which made my work very easy!

Sighting of Rhino were abundant aswell as herds of Zebra, Wildebeest, Kudu, Eland, Blesbok and a lone Giraffe. Other sighting of Mating Warthogs and two Black-shouldered Kites mobbing a Jackal Buzzard that clearly got to close to their nest were exciting additions to the day. Durban Safaris really worth its weight in Gold with all we saw and experienced. Usually not many people choose to Safari in Durban as the Kruger Park takes preference, however Kwa-Zulu Natal and Durban Safaris and Tours are really becoming more popular and affordable.

After Tala Private game reserve we headed to Phezulu Safari Park for a cultural experience and the feeding Show for the Crocodiles. This was really great as its only once a week in Summer and once a month in Winter! We were on Safari in Durban on the right day and at the right time! Watching those Crocodiles munching up those Chickens was very interesting indeed. Not forgetting we did have some lunch here aswell prior to the Tour.

Great day.


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