Tala Phezulu Day Tour 3/11/11 - Durban Safaris - Tim Brown Tours

A Hectic morning Stuck in traffic for an hour and a half, I was pleased to get to Umhlanga to collect the clients…

We made our way to Tala Game reserve on our Durban Safari and Durban Cultural experience where we began our search for the animals.

Again if was fairly easy to find the Rhino and all the general game the Highlight for me a mother Ostrich with her 4 chicks in the road not wanting to let me pass them. Very cute.

I was thinking of where I figured the Giraffe were heading after the tour on the 29th October 2011 and eventually found the journey or Giraffe feeding in amongst the Scented thorn thickets near the Chalets.

There was one young fellow with his umbical cord still attached but dried out which was great to see for my guests and myself.

From Tala we headed to Phezulu where we had Lunch and had a tour around the Reptile park which was great.

At 2pm we settled into entering the Traditional Zulu huts and some Zulu dancing which was so filled with energy that we all enjoyed it very much.

That was a bit of Durban Culture that we needed before wondering around the craft shops and then heading back to Umhlanga.

Great Day.

Tim Brown Tours

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