Tala game reserve and Phezulu Tour 5/7/10 - Tim Brown Tours

Tala Phezulu TourTala Phezulu Tour 5/7/10

I had an Aussie couple and a English lady who for her was her first trip out of Europe, Very exciting! And she was making the most of it!
We headed off to Tala where we got a nice siting of Giraffe, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Nyala, Warthog, Hippo and a couple rapters!

Sadly no Rhino on this one!

After a few hours of the Game reserve we headed to Phezulu cultural village had a bite to eat and watched as Sam(Aussie Guest) Stroked an African Rock Python!

Sam was the star of the trip as when we had an opportunity to have photos taken with the Zulu Dancers he decided to remove his shirt and join in the fun! Now thats the spirit!

All in all a great day at the reptile farm aswell.



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