Tour Hluhluwe Umfolozi 17.18.Oct 2011 - Tim Brown Tours

A two day rushed Tour of Hluhluwe Umfolozi which turned out to be a huge success.

We departed Durban at about 12am and made our way speedily to Memorial gate where I knew I would have about 2 hours to find some animals before the 5pm evening open vehicle drive with the parks guide.

This proved to be a great 2 hours with sighting of many Rhino, Buffalo, Zebra, Warthog and CHEETAH!

This Cheetah has 2 cubs with her about 6 months old and was the same one I found the previous week.

I realised I had left myself 25 min to get from Lower Mangangeni to Hilltop camp for a 5pm game drive.

Oh dear, needless to say there was some speed used to get us there in time. I’m glad though we saw the game we saw and made the most of it…

After a seemingly cold and uneventful night drive we all sat down to a hearty dinner with some Zulu Dancing which was probably more of a nuisance as we were starving!

No star gazing this night as it was very cloudy…

The following morning we were having breakfast at 7am before departing till 11am.

The bush seemed a little quiet at first but then things unfolded.

We spotted a large herd of elephant one of which crossed the road in front of us which were having a drink from a River bed.

Continuing up the road I found two Male Lion Tracks and followed the movements showing the clients were the Lions had slept/rested before commencing their walk.

Sadly the tracks cut into the bush where unfortunately I was unable to follow (Park Rules!)

During this time we had a Musth Bull Elephant excite us as he strolled towards us and I allowed him space to continue past. He was a huge male probably in his 40’s.

We saw some Zebra, Rhino and Buffalo before we came across this young pride of Lions which seem to love being up in Marula Trees!

This was amazing as you don’t often see this due to Lions not having a locking mechanism in the wrist like Leopards do to come down the tree in a graceful manner.

Departing Hluhluwe Umfolozi on a high we made track to King Shaka Int airport to drop off the clients.

Great tour, all around!

Tim  Brown Tours

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