Unilever Global Mobility Tour Hluhluwe Umfolozi 6&7 November 2010 - Tim Brown Tours

Unilever Global Mobility Tour Hluhluwe Umfolozi 6 & 7 November 2010

This was a very interesting Tour as I has lost my Voice 3 days prior and had dosed myself up with as much vitamin C and Strepsils as I could.

We headed through the gates of Hluhluwe on the 6.11.10 and searched out our first game which was a little scarce as the weather was Cloudy and slowly turning sour.

We did happen to spot a Black Rhino(Awesome luck), White Rhino, Giraffe, Zebra, Impala and Buffalo.

Their seemed just to be Yellow Billed Kites as the only raptors apart from a White Backed Vulture or 2 in the distance.

Following Check in and lunch we ventured out again and got caught in a huge storm which forced even the bravest back to the lodge.

A few decided to try the luck with the parks rangers in the evening but the rain and mist did not help them and they came back very wet and cold.

They following day we left  camp at 5 am and drove south to Umfolozi, It seemed it was a bad decision at first but eventually paid off with a sighting of a Bull elephant, Nesting White Backed Vultures, Black Rhino, White Rhino, Lion and of course the male Cheetah!

After a quick lunch break we raced off to Memorial gate where before departing for Zimbali we were seen off by lots of Rhino, Giraffe, Buffalo, Zebra and Impala.

It was a very exciting tour and full of twists and turns.

At times I felt like we were on a “Ferrari Safari” – Ex Bush Academy guys will know what I mean!

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