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Exploring the Bush, Berg (mountains) and Battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal, you can find your perfect adventure here with the Tim Brown Tours range of Durban Safari Tours, Day Tours, Overnight Tours and adventures.

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  • White Faced Owl Safari Birding
    Birding and Birds(the feathered kind) in Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve.
    10th September 2018
    It is the small things like Birds and Birding, which fill the gaps between animal sightings. Conducting Safaris and Tours to Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve from Durban to see the “Big 5” is all good and well… but there is a magical world out there just waiting to be discovered if we will only look.
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  • Lion
    Lion Cubs on Durban Safari
    27th August 2018
    Lions are one of the most interesting wild animals found in Africa and we are lucky enough to share sightings of these amazing creatures! During one of our Safaris from Durban we came across a pride of Lion, amongst them was a very young Lion cub. This little guy was probably just under a couple months old.
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  • Hyena crawling inside a dead Elephant to feed
    Hyena Crawling Inside a Dead Elephant to Feed
    18th August 2018
    Watching a Hyena crawl inside a dead elephant to feed has to be a rare sight! While on one of our Safaris, we visited a sighting of a dead Elephant. Watch! A Hyena climbing into the Elephant Carcass.
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  • Cannibalism in nature
    Cannibalism in nature - it is a dog eat dog world!
    31st July 2018
    Cannibalism in nature is nothing new, nor is it uncommon in our human history. It is just one of those topics people choose to shy away from discussing as it is so emotive! Watch some amazing original footage of Hyena Cannibalism and learn about some local examples.
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  • Lions hunting Buffalo
    Hluhluwe Game Reserve : Lions Hunting Buffalo
    5th July 2018
    Here is the real story of Lions hunting Buffalo. Watch footage of Lions hunting Buffalo never shown by TV documentaries. This footage has been take over the past 5 years on our Hluhluwe Imfolozi Safari Tours from Durban.
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  • Wild Dog with Duiker Head
    Hluhluwe game reserve shows off African Wild Dog
    23rd June 2018
    African Wild Dog Teeters on the Edge of Extinction. Hluhluwe Game Reserve has been protecting the African Wild Dog population from the brink of extinction for many years.  "Why are these incredible animals so close to "being gone forever?" Stay tuned for answers &fascinating video footage from Tim Brown Tours.
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  • Land Expropriation without compensation what about the San Bushmen
    Land expropriation without compensation
    15th March 2018
    During this time in South Africa of great political instability it has been made clear that land expropriation without compensation will be officially a part of our constitution. This now leaves us with the total confusion (in my eyes) as to who actually the land should be given back to. As a white South African, with my parents having been requested to move to South Africa in the 1970's to help with Civil Engineering training of our people to create employment, where do I stand? Will it boil down to the simple fact that my skin is "white" that will determine if my land(that was paid for by my hard work) will be taken and will I be told to go back to where I came from? (Where did I come from?) Being born in South Africa and living almost my entire life here I feel South African.(I have no ties with Europe)
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  • Why Kruger national park, Lions from Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve
    Kruger national Park Safari - what other options do you have?
    19th February 2018
    Kruger National Park is often the first thing that comes to mind, yes? As a Durban based Tour Operator, I often think about why the Kruger national Park would be my first choice. What other option do You have ...? Well - Durban is home to the "oldest "game reserve (protected) Safari Park in Africa so say with us for some "nuggets of gold"
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  • Boma dinner seats around the fire
    Ideas on building a Boma, its origins and what food to serve at a Boma dinner
    27th November 2017
    Recently my family and I visited a lodge on the North coast of KwaZulu Natal, a route we (Tim Brown Tours) travel regularly conducting our Safari Tours from Durban. It was here I was looking at the lovely setup of the lodge and thought that it really needed a “Boma”. This word “Boma” is one of those words which has crossed over a number of languages and therefore has an adjusted meaning in different areas. Before we get into some of the ideas for building a Boma we need break down some of the meanings for this word.
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  • Southern Ground Hornbill searching for food
    Southern Ground Hornbill
    7th October 2017
    Needing a hollow in a tree usually preferred to be 3 meters off the ground for protection. Looking at the size of the Southern Ground Hornbill you can see how near impossible this nesting habit can be.
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