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Exploring the Bush, Berg (mountains) and Battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal, you can find your perfect adventure here with the Tim Brown Tours range of Durban Safari Tours, Day Tours, Overnight Tours and adventures.

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  • Boma dinner seats around the fire
    Ideas on building a Boma, its origins and what food to serve at a Boma dinner
    27th November 2017
    Recently my family and I visited a lodge on the North coast of KwaZulu Natal, a route we (Tim Brown Tours) travel regularly conducting our Safari Tours from Durban. It was here I was looking at the lovely setup of the lodge and thought that it really needed a “Boma”. This word “Boma” is one of those words which has crossed over a number of languages and therefore has an adjusted meaning in different areas. Before we get into some of the ideas for building a Boma we need break down some of the meanings for this word.
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  • Southern Ground Hornbill searching for food
    Southern Ground Hornbill
    7th October 2017
    Needing a hollow in a tree usually preferred to be 3 meters off the ground for protection. Looking at the size of the Southern Ground Hornbill you can see how near impossible this nesting habit can be.
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  • Hippo approaches two Rhino
    Amazing animal sighting on our Durban Safari Tour
    14th September 2017
    The Hippo then got up and slowly made his way over to the Rhino(two young males) and this is where things go really exciting!
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  • Tim Brown Tours, live Radio interview on Ubuntu radio
    Tim Brown Tours, live Radio interview
    5th September 2017
    This past couple of weeks have been very busy for Tim Brown Tours, with a featured live Radio interview with Ubuntu Radio(South Africa's only government owned radio station) and winning airtime on Hot 91.9 Fm at the Holiday Expo 2017.
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  • Tim Brown Tours Holiday Expo 2017 Montecasino our banner
    Tim Brown Tours - Holiday Expo 2017 - Montecasino
    2nd September 2017
    This past weekend we were privileged to be invited by South African Tourism and Sho'tleft to promote Tim Brown Tours at the Holiday Expo 2017 at Montecasino. We would be representing KwaZulu-Natal as their preferred Tour operator.
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  • Natures effects on humans
    31st March 2017
    Nature is one of the greatest ways to positively change a humans perspective on life in a very short space of time!
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  • Best things to do in Durban
    2nd March 2017
    Durban is an amazing city with more things to do than you would believe if you were not familiar with the area.
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  • Impala; dispelling the Myth
    2nd February 2017
    It is so common in the safari industry that guides are taught things which are not inline with logic and the laws of nature.
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  • South Africa is amazing
    29th December 2016
    I have been fortunate to have traveled several parts of this world and have seen many different cultures and classes. Classes from Rich to poor and cultures from sophisticated to simple.
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  • Durban Day Safari
    26th November 2016
    It was another lovely day in Durban where we met our clients and began our adventure up the coast to the famous Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve.
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