Pride of Lions | The Life Of

Life of a Pride of Lions

Lions are amazing creatures with abilities that are incomprehensible, however they also have difficulties and great hardship to survive.

A young pride of Lions | Trying to survive in the African Bush

Stay with us as we cover a couple of days in the life of this pride of Lions

Interesting Facts about Lions

1. Lions eyesight is up to 8 times better than human eyesight under low light conditions.
2. The darker the Lions mane the more attractive he is to the females, irrelevant of size.
3. A Lion can consume up to 25 Kilograms of Meat at any “sitting”.
4. Lions have a very low hunting success rate, 1 in 10 hunts are successful.
5. Lions have a white marking under their eyes which helps reflect light into the eye under low light conditions.

But Is it An Easy Life for a Pride of Lions?

As you can imagine it would seem life would be easy for Big Cats like a pride of Lions but with such a low hunting success rate and many small mouths to feed, things are not always as they seem.

! Watch !

The Videos below each cover different and exciting parts of the life of this one pride of Lion. We followed them as they took down a Giraffe and began feeding.
You will also notice with time spent with a Pride of Lion, that every one has their own personality. This little cub wondering around and not staying where his mother put him is a prime example.

Cute tiny Lion cub walks towards us while its mother looks on.

The young cubs were called by their mothers to the carcass to feed and of course this meant they had some sustenance to survive another week.

You will see this young Lion cub looking a bit scruffy and skinny, so this meal was vital for his survival.

Cute Lion cubs suckling, and Grooming at Giraffe kill.

I am sure this was one of the first times these young cubs were feeding on meat which made the sighting even more exciting for myself and my guests.

Cute Lion cub stands on Giraffe carcass and crawls inside it while feeding.

Play between cubs and other pride members is also crucial for the cub’s development. It strengthens their muscles and aids in their learning how to stalk by sharpening their skills like agility.

Cute Lion cub chews on Giraffe mane.

Not only was this Giraffe feast crucial for the meat provided but also to produce milk which the cubs were still dependant on.

Lions and cute cubs join in on a Giraffe feast.

The sounds around the carcass at night as the adult pride members announce their presence and territory by roaring is amazing to hear. Roaring is an important part of a pride of Lions ability to hold territory. When other prides are hearing these calls from more than one Lion it is intimidating and if the neighbouring pride is smaller it may just keep them from wanting to challenge a more dominant pride for territory.

Lions roaring and cubs calling while feeding on giraffe kill.

Close contact between pride members for example

  • rubbing faces/bodies together
  • and resting close to one another

help to strengthen social bonds.

As you can imagine when it comes to feeding on a carcass, fights can break out. So establishing this bond with each other helps to protect the pride. The last thing a Pride wants is for one Lioness to not want to help the others hunt because of a fight at the last carcass. It is a very human analogy, but animals are remarkably like humans.

Lions with tiny cubs resting after eating Giraffe.

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