4 Day Drakensberg Hiking Tour 25th - 28th April 2012 - Tim Brown Tours

After an early wake up 04:30 “eish” I made my way down to Durban/Umhlanga to collect Doug and Ky for the first part of there tour which was an overnight hike in the Central Drakensberg “Giants Castle area”.

We met with a specialist Mountain Guide and went from there.

It was a 6 Hour hike to the camp in the mountains where dinner was cooked and the stars were out.

The following morning the hike back to Giants Castle was not quite as long and we bid farewell to the Specialist Mountain guide and settled in for some lunch.

After lunch we did a short hour hike to the bushman painting and of course I forgot my camera…!

The cave we stopped at is full of history and just being there makes you feel so small in comparison to the world and the history of our ancestors.

Once back at the camp we needed to drive 3 hours to Didima which has just as amazing views.

Arriving at Dust and having to avoid children, Cattle and many other obstacles on the roads we checked in and had a short rest while I arranged the following days hike, a 9 Hours killer.

Dinner was great and the stars were out so I showed the clients a few constilations and direction pointers.

The following day loomed and we met our guide “Bheki” and arranged Breakfasts and lunches for the clients for the day.

I must be honest I hired a Specialist guide for this hike and did not go after looking at the last section which was very technical, a Rope traverse, Chain Ladder and Scrambles on all fours.

The only guy that made it was Doug who really amazed me for his age he was a mountain gazelle and never complained.

Unfortunately it was the altitude which got to Ky who had to call it quits just below the technical section.

The wind was also a huge factor that day blowing at almost gale force at time it was a huge concern having clients at 3500 meters on the mountain.


All was fine at the end and I collected my tired guests and they relaxed at there room before we all went for dinner.


Dinner was something we all enjoyed for some reason it was amazing and so well done that we all pigged out!

After dinner Ky had some work to do so I quickly showed Doug Scorpio and then hit the sack.


The following morning we had breakfast at 7am and visited the Museum at Didima which shows the history of the Bushmen or the San people.

This was very interesting and we all took our time with this.

When we were done we needed to get going as Ky and Doug had flights to catch to their respective destinations.

It really was an interesting week with these great clients and we all enjoyed an African experience!


Tim Brown Tours


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