Birding and Birds(the feathered kind) in Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve.

Birding and Birds(the feathered kind) in Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve.

African Fish eagle in flight

Because it is The Small Things…

Yes because it’s the small things like Birds and Birding, which fill the gaps between animal sightings we often discount their impact. While Safaris to see the “Big 5” are all good and well. However In truth we have to keep in mind there is not a Lion around every corner sitting in the road waiting for his photograph to be taken… While there is in fact a magical birding world out there just waiting to be discovered if we will only look.

Due to the fact that a lot of the time when you utter the word “Bird” or “Birding” people will shut down and turn their ear the other way, it often gets forgotten on a safari. 

I realised that Birding was very attractive to my clients during big game sightings and as a result we have grown in our knowledge of Birding and Bird Photography. At Tim Brown Tours we are able to customise an entire Safari dedicated to birding so that clients can really enjoy this aspect of nature. 

To show you just still photographs of birds would be a bit boring hence these unique video clips. For example watch this footage taken on a Durban Safari Tour of a Secretary Bird being spooked by a Buffalo.



Because this is so unusual it is amazing that we manage to film it. In spite of its size this bird gets caught by a mere spiders web.

This is probably not what you would expect this bird to do so watch on.

In Spite of their size watch this Goliath Heron strolling across these Hippopotami

I was certainly lucky to Photograph and film a Saddle billed Stork. So stay tuned to watch the tallest Stork in the world catching a fish in the St Lucia estuary 


Amazing indeed this clip of the iconic African Fish eagle. So watch as he feeds on fish mid flight.

Even more incredible – In this amazing video clip I was able to get to watch Ostriches mating which is very rare to see. These birds have what is called a Cloaca which is basically one “hole for everything”. The males Penis is internal and comes out of his Cloacae when he goes to the “toilet”. And when he is about to mate.

Furthermore see the 10 photographs of different species of bird which I have taken over the years. So enjoy the pics below.

Because we have a wealth of knowledge on this most noteworthy subject, we would love to share it with you. On one hand it can seem inconsequential. However it holds a world of magic and wonders to be discovered.

After spending much time with birds I have developed a love for them and therefore love to share this information.

Similarly if you have your own stories to tell please do.



  • Charlene
    10th September 2018

    This was such an interesting post. Thanks for sharing. We’recommend often far too concerned with the Big 5 and as you say, there are real treasures to be seen when taking in all that the bush has to offer.

    • timbrowntours
      15th September 2018

      Thanks Charlene, I totally agree with you! Thanks for following, what would you like to see in upcoming blogs?

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