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Durban City Tour


After collecting my clients from a Hotel in Durban we began our Durban City Tour along the Promenade of Durban beach front. We then headed out of the hub of Durban City up to the Berea and Morningside to the Durban Botanical Gardens.

The Durban Botanical Gardens had a wide variety of indigenous trees and exotic trees and has been running since 1849 ish. This means that some of these trees are over 150 years old! After a lovely walk through these gardens and viewing of some bird life and monkeys we continued down to Florida road and the Globe. It is here where we look over Durban’s amazing city and chat more in depth on the deep history of this lovely area. We imagine it as it once was when the British Landed here in 1823 or when Vasco Da Gama sailed past in 1497!

A Durban city tour is a short Durban Day Tour which only really takes 4 hours to covers sometimes a little longer depending on the interest of the client. I was happy that my clients were so interested in the History and this made my job so much easier.

At this point we drove down to the amazing Moses Mabida stadium built for the 2010 soccer world cup and we also passed the “Natal Mounted Rifles” Building with there army tanks parked in the area.

We took the Sky Car to the roof of the stadium and I must say being a little afraid of heights myself this is still not that bad as you have a solid floor beneath you and the Sky Car goes very slowly dropping you at the top in an enclosed area.

Breath taking views are seen from the roof of this stadium!


Durban City Tour picture from the Moses Mabida Stadium roof

Durban City Tour picture from the Moses Mabida Stadium roof
Durban City Tour picture from the Moses Mabida Stadium roof



















Once we had finished with the Stadium we headed along the Golden Mile from Sun Coast Casino down to South Beach and Ushaka Marine world. We then drove over the Point down to the Statue of “Dick King” who saved Durban from the Dutch forces in 1842 by getting to Grahamstown 960 Km away from Durban to alert the British Commander there to send reinforcements to Durban. It was due to him that Durban remained a British settlement.

At this point it was time for a half hour harbour cruise and we got down to Wilsons Warf and onto the small boat. Once this was complete we briefly looked at the shops in the area and made our way back to the hotel having covered some of Durbans major points of Interest!

This was a great Durban half Day Tour.





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