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Durban day tour 15th September 2015

We began our Durban day tour to Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve in Durban city. Here I collected my clients. It would be a day to remember with great sightings.

I covered the usual history of Durban and KwaZulu Natal on route to the Hluhluwe Imfolozi big 5 game reserve and answered any questions my clients had.

We arrived before 10 am and had immediate luck as we spotted Zebra and Giraffe together!

Durban day tour; Zebra

Durban day tour; Zebra

We then continued with our Durban day tour and our safari lead us to some Rhino, 3 of them! It was great to see a mother, calf and big male. At this point we also spotted Baboons and Nyala in the distance but continued to the Hluhluwe river which is mostly dry at this time of the year.

Philo Erection

It was here that we spotted some male Nyala doing what is referred to as philo – erection. This is when the 2 male pounce around on another. The hair on the back of their necks and backs stand up. This is basically to make themselves look bigger so that they can challenge another male for the rights to mate.

Nyala bull on Durban Day Tour

Nyala bull on Durban Day Tour

We made our way around the river after spotting some Buffalo far off the road. After enjoying one of the lovely view points we tried another to see if we could find Elephants. In luck we were! We found a bull Elephant down at a section of water in the river and we must have spend 30 minutes with him. He wallowed in the mud. We watched him rest his trunk on his tusk, feed and shake a sycamore fig tree to try get some fruits to fall down. He then went to sleep. It was amazing!

Durban day tour; Elephant

Durban day tour; Elephant

This had been an amazing experience and is always better with a guide who is qualified and understand nature and the animals behaviour to ensure you have the best experience possible.

I know my clients were very happy with this amazing sighting!

We then moved on and tried to see if we could find Buffalo again but before we could I spotted a Rhino walking in the distance. It was the territorial male of the area so I let him walk on the path he usually uses and we gave him space to cross in front of us, It was amazing! Wow this had been an amazing Durban day tour so far!

Durban day tour; Rhino

Durban day tour; Rhino

It was now time to find those Buffalo before we stopped for lunch. It was great that this Durban day tour was working like clock work and my plans were working out for us all.

We found our Buffalo and they were right next to the road and resting in the shade. The one female had a Red billed Ox Pecker on her face and she stuck her tongue out at us. This was really funny!

Durban day tour; Buffalo cow

Durban day tour; Buffalo cow

I think I have forgotten to mention the Giraffe we spotted in the distance and then some closer to the road! We found some Giraffe and one male was chasing the girls(some things never change) and he was testing the females urine to see if they were ready for mating! At least human don’t have to do this.

He obviously did not find one that was ready as he moved off.

Durban day tour; Giraffe

Durban day tour; Giraffe

After this great sighting on our Durban day tour we were all super happy and made our way to Hilltop camp for some lunch. It was a great lunch and we spend longer than usual there but we had good reason we had done so well in the morning so we enjoyed a cup of coffee after lunch.

When we finished we left Hilltop and made our way to where I knew of a Giraffe that had been killed by Lions a few days before. The Lions had long since moved off due to the activity of vehicle and the moving of the carcass off the bridge where they killed it. So we only had vultures when we were there. It was still an amazing sighting and very smelly!

Durban day tour; Vultures feeding on Giraffe

Durban day tour; Vultures feeding on Giraffe

We left the scene of the crime and we began to make our way south towards another gate. On route we spotted some more Rhino near the road and Giraffe which just capped the day off for us all.

It was now time to depart Hluhluwe Imfolozi big 5 game reserve where we had spent a very successful Durban day tour. We were all happy and we began the long drive back to Durban.

We stopped along the way for a rest and to refuel and arrived back in Durban after 6pm.

It had been an a great Durban day tour and if you would like to do one of these tour please click on the link below:

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