Hluhluwe Umfolozi 3 Day Safari Tour 22 – 24 August 2013 - Tim Brown Tours


Hluhluwe Umfolozi 3 Day Safari Tour 22 to 24 August 2013

Hluhluwe Umfolozi 3 Day Safari Tour 22 – 24 August 2013


After collecting my Danish client from Durban on the morning of the 22nd we headed out to hluhluwe umfolozi where I had word of 3 Lion sightings, 2 of them buffalo kills.

I thought to myself this is a guaranteed sighting. Lol.

Well we entered at the Nyalazi gate and drove to the first Buffalo Carcass it was completely finished and the Lions were gone over the hill.

We decided to check the next area where they had been spotted but it was like chasing Ghosts…

By the time we returned to the carcass we did see with Binoculars a single Lion on the hill so far away it was pointless really to photograph but with 30 x optical zoom I tried.

It was time to look for other things and we saw Elephants, Buffalo, Rhino, Giraffe, Zebra and Warthog. Bush was pumping!

Lunch was calling at Hilltop.

Then we checked in and settled for an hour before heading back out to see if we could find the other Lions on the other Buffalo kill.

We found the Kill and a Hyena feeding but the Lions had been scared off by a clan of 5 hyenas. So we still had an awesome sighting and loads of vultures in the trees.


It was time to rush back for the open vehicle game drive at pm which turned out to be a huge success bringing the lions back to the carcass and a stand off with the 5 hyenas! Amazing stuff.

Dinner and bed.


Day 2: We headed out looking again for animals. We again saw loads but no more lions. We returned for breakfast and a rest.

Later that day we headed out looking for Elephant and saw a herd on mansiya loop but the disappeared into the bush before we could get down to photograph them, such is nature.

We kept trying with no luck.

Dinner was great a Braai and then it was bed.


Day 3; Game drive was good and we saw lots  including one Elephant on the hills and heard a herd in the bushes but they didn’t come out.

After 3 hours of looking we left the game reserve for St Lucia boat cruise at Isimangeliso wetland park.

This was great and we got the Hippos out the water.


Then it was time for curios, Lunch and more curios before leaving for Durban.

The end to a good tour or so I thought.

On my way home I got a nice puncture and had to change the tyre, only problem was the following day was a Sunday and I had a tour! So back up car needed to be used as no tyre places open for me to get a new tyre.


All in all a great Tour.


Tim Brown Tours


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