Hluhluwe umfolozi game reserve 3 day Durban Safari Tour, St lucia and Cat rehab center 27-29 September 2013 - Tim Brown Tours


Hluhluwe umfolozi Game reserve 3 day Durban Safari Tour, St lucia and Cat rehab center 27-29 September 2013


Hluhluwe 3 day safari tour 27 to 29 September 2013

Hluhluwe umfolozi 3 day Safari Tour, St lucia and Cat rehab center 27-29 September 2013

Well what a great Durban Safari 3 Day tour we had such a mixed bag of weather but thats what gave us the results. Most people dislike the rain as say its so hard to see or find things well it works in the favour of the cats and boy did we benefit.

After departing from Durban we did the usual Cat rehab tour which the clients loved. Then we headed into Hluhluwe Umfolozi game reserve. It was so hot and humid (we call it a Berg wind) – the hot winds before the rain. The game reserve was pumping and from having a concern about finding elephants we sorted that out very well on the first afternoon with a big herd of 70 + at a river bridge crossing in Hluhluwe.

We spend 40 minutes with the great beasts making the most of the diverse sighting, mothers with babies, Males ripping branches of Sycamore fig trees. The list went on!

Before all of this of course we had lunch and checked in at Hilltop camp Hluhluwe.

The evening night drive wasnt so good but at least it wasnt cold or wet as the next days to follow were.

It was a Braai night friday and great food.

Bed was then calling.

Day 2 : Durban 3 Day Safari Tour

We rose early and headed out in search of cats we almost got them but as happens in the Hluhluwe section they disappeared into the thickets before we could get there.

All was not lost as we had great Rhino, Buffalo and then an small breeding herd of Elephants on Gontshi. Stunning.

We returned Catless to discover that during the night there had been a few kills by different prides of lions and visible from the road.

After lunch we headed out to find a Lioness in the Hluhluwe section with an adult female buffalo 3 meters from the road this was amazing. The male had moved off probably to drink water and only returned later.

The funniest thing was to watch someone with there child on his lap drive straight past the sighting! Couldnt believe it.

What a day as we also came across the African Wild Dogs and watched 2 young Male Rhinos confront them and chase them away. There was also giraffe in the road oh it was just pumping animals.

We returned for dinner at Hilltop camp Hluhluwe.

Great food again thanks C3.


Day 3: Durban 3 Day Bush Tour/Safari

Breakfast and check out was first on the cards before heading back to the carcass which the Lion had dragged 20 meters across the road into a thicket what a strong beast!

Then we got stuck behind 6 or so bull Elephants. Clearly the car in front of us had no idea how to cope with this so I took the front of the line. Slowing they shifted to browse on the side of the road and were very relaxed and peaceful.

So sadly we had to leave the Hluhluwe Umfolozi game reserve but we were headinng to ST Lucia or Isimangeliso wetland park.

It was bucketing it down with rain at first but we still saw load of hippos and bird life.

Then after 2 hours of a great Cruise we returned to st lucia for lunch and returned back to Durban where the sun was shining again for us.

What a great Durban 3 Day Safari tour!


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