Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game reserve, Cat Rehab and St Lucia 22-24 April 2012 - Tim Brown Tours

After collecting my clients KY and Doug (from Alaska) from Durban/Umhlanga we headed out to the Cat rehab center where they main visual side of our tour would begin.

I cover some of the History of the area and culture etc as we went along our way.

Reaching the Cat rehab center we all began learning the plight of these highly endangered species and there fight against loss of habitat and human factors.

After about 45 min it was time to enter into the enclosure with the two young male cheetahs, Juba and Moya who gave us all a good opportunity to get closer then most will ever get…

Departing the Cat rehab center we made our way to Hluhluwe Umfolozi where our game viewing began with a bang!

We were expecting just to drive to our overnight camp and settle into lunch but we were stopped by a big bull elephant who was on a mission so we gave him some space(it didnt help he was in Musth) and we allowed him to do his thing.

Once I could gauge what he was wanting to do we shot off down a dirt road and waited for him at a watering hole where upon his arrival we were treated to a shop of Large magnitude! Mud bath time and a drink!


After leaving this Big fellow we made our way to camp for some lunch and check in.

We managed to get a booking on the open vehicle in the hope that Ky And Doug would see some nocturnal activity. Alas it was not meant to be and after a long day we hit the sack.

Day 2.

An early morning to try and catch the last of the night activity proved more than fruitful!!!

Leopard all be it a brief look, Rhino Mating, Rhino with young calf drinking, Rhino Charging (a first for me), Hyena, Buffalo and much much more….

Getting back to camp for the breakfast late we tucked in and recalled the great morning.

Rest was called for so the Umbhombe bush trail was recommended by me and we decided to go out again in the afternoon again very fruitful.

I was trying to find a Lion that was heard the previous night near the northern gate and alas he crossed the road at Dusk and disappeared after some buffalo before we could see him!

Back for dinner and again the clouds prevented any star gazing…


Day 3.

We got up and headed straight for breakfast and check out.

After this we did a 3 hour game drive looking the that pesky Lion from the night before. Again this proved more frustrating that fruitful so we focused on other this as we went around, Giraffe, Zebra, Baboons, Elephant and Buffalo.


Exiting the park we made our way to St Lucia for the boat cruise at 12pm.

The clients loved the time to relax and watch Hippos and Crocodiles in the shallows.

After a great day we made our way back to Durban as we would be heading out again to the Drakensberg the following morning.


Tim Brown Tours

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