Hluhluwe umfolozi Game reserve Day Tour 18/4/12 - Tim Brown Tours

Wow well what a day spent with a group from Canada and 2 South Africans.

I met the clients at there home as 06:30 where our driver Allen took us up to the reserve as I guided us on the History of the area…

Once entering the park we kept our eyes peeled for any animals and came across 2 Rhino in the distant valleys.

After a few more bends we found a Bull Buffalo which was standing near a mud wallow so I mention to the clients this would be worth a wait. True as Bob in her went and gave us a great show in how to put a mud mask on!

Having Now already seen 2 of the Big 5 we continued where we saw Giraffe and Zebra at a distance and then 3 Bull Elephants.

It was with great pleasure that they were very relaxed so we pulled over to watch them as they were in the road blocking our way. I was really glad they were chilled as not one but about 3 or 4 cars decided to drive right up behind us and block our escape route!

Honestly some people have no sense at all. Now we were stuck and then the Bull elephants decided to wonder towards us so we rolled back slightly where one vehicle moved and the rest stayed right in our way…

Well I told Allen to relax as the Elephants were Males and very relaxed, still no ideal to be less than 10 meters from 3 Large Paciderms.

The Elephant wondered right up to the vehicle and we had no where to go with a car behind us so we just sat quietly as the Elephants had there way with us! The one Bull decided to sniff to wing mirror with his truck which was very exciting indeed. Thankfully they were relaxed and past by us with no fuss at all but I must say I was cheesed of with the vehicles behind us who did not allow space for us to move back in time!

After the excitement we heading to the camp for Lunch and a drink before making our way down south where we found a few crashes of Rhino who were real posers.

Having such a great day we headed back to Durban and dropped the clients of who where very tired after a day filled with action and driving…


Tim Brown Tours


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