Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve Day Tour 28/5/12 - Tim Brown Tours

Wow what a lucky and great day it was!

After collecting my clients who had already done a Durban City Tour with me last Wednesday, we set off for Hluhluwe Umfolozi the oldest game reserve in Africa.

Passing by Durban City we continued up the North coast passing the Tugela and Umfolozi Rivers covering some History and interesting differences and Similarities between the Zulu Culture and Western Cultures.

By the time we reached Hluhluwe umfolozi Big 5 game reserve it was 10:00 and we were looking forward to viewing some of Africa’s great wildlife.

As we entered we were greeted by what sounded like a South African saying ” There’s nothing up that road” I responded by saying ” What about the Giraffe?” the response was ” Hmm” and he drove off…

I had already spotted some Giraffe as we were driving towards Memorial gate on the hills…

Continuing on we did see the giraffe, Zebra, Warthogs, and for big game it was clear they were hiding out the warm part of the day.


I did however spot some track of Elephant moving back South East so I made my way around to the Tar road and decided to go to the nearest watering hole that actually still had water in it.

Bonus for us as there were 3 Bull Elephants wondering away from the water so I made my way around in the hope they would come up to the road. They did and we had a brilliant close up sighting of the Big Paciderms.

After a great sighting I decided to cut back east towards the River as that was probably the best place to look for more game.

We were lucky as more Elephants presented themselves and then Rhino with calf suckling, then Elephant with calf suckling… and so it continued!

Sadly No Buffalo at this point so we headed for lunch at 13:00 and enjoyed the views from Hilltop Camp.


Departing from Hilltop camp we made our way down south and I slowed down near a clearing so look for Rhino and my eyes caught a glimpse of what looked like a Lion about 60 meters off the road. Stoked as I was it was not easy to see but all of a sudden my eyes spotted some movement nearer to the road. I young male Lion and his Brother so we drove down 30 meters as they crossed and greeted one another right next to the road.

At this point 3 cars had “pulled in” and disturbed my finding so I reversed back to the females as the males crossed back and we watched the Males greeting the females with face brushing etc.

What a great spotting even I was impressed with myself…


So the Lion had been achieved against all odds and the Leopard was always a very slim chance so we really needed buffalo to get 4 of the Big 5.

This we achieved 30 min later as after some frustrating Rhino sightings I spotted 2 bull buffalo on the Hill and the day was complete in all of our eyes!

What a great day in the African bush and a successful Safari from Durban.

We reminisced of what a great Safari it had been as we headed back to Durban after the Tour.

Arriving home 12 hours later in Darkness the clients and myself has smiles on our faces.

Great Safari/Tour.


Tim Brown


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