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Hluhluwe Umfolozi Day Safari Tour 9 November 2013


Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game reserve Durban Day Safari Tour 9 December 2013

A great day in the African Bush. I met my clients in Durban City and we began the long drive to Hluhluwe umfolozi game reserve which went fast as questions were asked and the History flowed.

Once we got to Nyalazi gate we entered and went South looking for Lions actually but we didnt find any lions! We were more blessed and found a Big male Leopard about 15-20 meters from the road and he just gave me one heck of a death start. A Leopards Eyes can penetrate a humans soul and you will never forget it!

The picture on the bottom right is the best picture I could get as he started to move away behind the thicket and long grass. It was a special sighting!

We continued on with spirits high and found Buffalo, Giraffe by the dozen, Zebra, Wildebeest, terrapins, Impala, Nyala, Vervet Monkeys, Rhinos and of Course Elephants!

So a good day was turned into a great one by this beautiful Leopard who’s Eyes penetrated our souls.

After all this excitement we stopped for lunch to get rid of the dizziness of the driving and concentrating all day. Lunch was good and we headed back out we didnt see much at the rain began to fall but some buffaloes and Rhinos.

On the drive back to Durban the mood was light and we all just chatted about many different topics which made the drive to Durban feel so much shorter.

Thanks to my clients: Awais, Seemas and Aisha

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  • Nadeem
    22nd February 2014

    Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve is one of the oldest Game Reserves in Africa with the big 5 this gem should be visited. South Africa has it all enjoy and have awesome memories

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