Hluhluwe Umfolozi game reserve, Emdoneni and St Lucia 3 day Safari Tour 16th - 18th November 2013 - Tim Brown Tours

Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game reserve, Emdoneni and St Lucia 3 day Safari Tour 16th – 18th November 2013

Hluhluwe Umfolozi 3 Day Safari Tour 16 to 18 Novemeber 2013

After collecting my Clients from Durban we headed up to Emdoneni Cat rehabilitation Center which they loved, you also end up with a new Facebook profile picture with a Cheetah!

From here we entered into Hluhluwe Umfolozi game reserve – Big 5 Safari Reserve from the North where we has some good luck with Elephants close to the road and wanting to cross so we allowed them to do so.

After find a few other lovely species of animals we moved on to Hilltop camp where we had lunch checked in and went back out for the final game drive of the day.

We didnt manage to find any Cats but had some other lovely sighting and great Vistas.

It was time to return for dinner and bed.


Day 2- Durban 3 Day Safari Tour

We got up very early 4:45 am to leave at 5am to start a bush walk that the clients wished to do. We began at 5:30 and walked until 8am which was great. We approached Rhino, Giraffe and Zebra but mostly just enjoyed being out in nature. For me it was great as I used to do this for a living and to be back out there on foot was enjoyable.

We returned to Hilltop camp for breakfast and left at 11am on another game drive. Sadly no cats again but loads of other animals. We returned for lunch and then went back out for the last time this day.

We had a good drive.

Dinner was next and bed.

Day 3 – Durban 3 Day Safari Tour

We had one last chance to find cats so I just headed to the umfolozi river as I knew the Lions had been in that area. We were very lucky to find one Lioness there with an Elephant. This made us all happy.

After looking for other animals we then departed to St Lucia and viewed Hippos and crocodiles it was great weather.

It was time to now return to Durban and back to city life for the clients.

A great Tour.

Tim Brown Tours

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