Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game reserve, Zulu Village and Cat rehab Safari Tour 14-15/8/12 - Tim Brown Tours

Departing from a hotel in Durban where I collected my clients we made our way up to a Zulu Cultural village where we would be entertained and learn more about how Zulu people traditionally lived. This was a great experience for all.

Just after midday we departed and headed to Hluhluwe Umfolozi game reserve. We got a big shock as a fire had come in from the western side of the game reserve and destroyed massive amounts of habitat.

However we were still lucky to see a Black Rhino 100 meters off the road in the newly burned section. As they do it got a little inquisitive and stared us down slowly getting closer while it browsed. We decided to continue for some well deserve lunch on top of a Hill overlooking the valleys where we would be staying the night.

After lunch we quickly checked in and then went back out to see what we could find, I was under huge pressure as the burn had chased animals away from large sections of the North and South. I had to improvise and I made our way down to some Dirt road loops south of Hilltop.

We did have some very good sighting of Giraffe, White Rhino, Nyala, Warthog, Impala and a great sunset. On the drive back to camp to get in before 6pm we saw 2 bull buffalos but it was dark so they were mere shapes.

Dinner called at 7:30 I collected the clients (from Bermuda and UK) and we had a great dinner buffet.

A good night rest was in order as we were going out again at 6am searching for animals.

On Day 2 at 6am I collected the clients and we made our way down south to see if we could find Elephant it was some what of a success as in the distance I spotted a bull elephant but it was sad that it wasn’t accessible with the vehicle.

We did have a Mother Giraffe and foul running down the road towards up so we waited around and I checked the area/road for tracks of potential lions but nothing sadly.

We returned after another Rhino Sighting and had some breakfast before checking out and spending one last hour searching for animals.

We did get lucky with Zebra and Buffalo in the river which was great aswell and a Journey of Giraffe.

A great end to the morning.

We departed for the Cat rehab for some interaction with 2 cheetah brothers which the clients really enjoyed. Once we were done we made our way the Balito to the Zimbali fairmont hotel which is a beautiful place to stay!


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