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  • 17th Feb 2016

    The Drakensberg mountains have been a place of great peace yet many struggles have be fought in the area over land and control. Whats new..

  • 30th Dec 2015

    After collecting my clients who were returning to South Africa from Monaco to visit family for the festive season, we headed off to Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve where we conduct most of our Durban Safari Tours.

    We chatted about the history of Durban and South African before arriving at Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve and beginning our Durban Safari to see what animals we could find.

    The first day of our Durban Safari turned out to be good as we began with lots on Impala and some Buffalo.

  • 2nd Nov 2015

    I was collecting my clients of the Ocean Princess cruise ship which was docking in Durban for the Tala game reserve and Zulu culture tour.

    As we were expecting some bad weather the ships was more than 2 hours late which meant we would need to adjust the tour slightly to maximize the time for the clients in Tala game reserve and on the Zulu culture tour.

    We left Durban harbor at 11:30 and made our way straight to Tala game reserve, it was here we began our Safari part of the tour and tried in 2.5 hours to find as many of the animals as we could.

    Tala game reserve being very small has a very high density of animals which made things easier for me to find all the animals the clients wishes to see.

    We found Rhino, Giraffe, Zebra, Hippo, Wildebeest, Ostrich, Impala, Nyala, Warthog, Blessbok and much more…

  • 18th Sep 2015

    We began our mini safari from Durban where I collected my 4 clients who where here for business and pleasure respectively. After covering the basic history of Durban and KwaZulu Natal we arrived at the world famous Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve by 09:30 and began with our Safari of the reserve.

    We entered in the North east and tried our best to look for Elephant in the cool weather. I knew it would be difficult but had high hopes after getting them a couple days before.

  • 16th Sep 2015

    We began our Durban day tour to Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve in Durban city where I collected my clients. It would be a day to remember with great sightings.

    I covered the usual history of Durban and KwaZulu Natal on route to the Hluhluwe Imfolozi big 5 game reserve and answered any questions my clients had.

    We arrived before 10 am and had immediate luck as we spotted Zebra and Giraffe together!

  • 5th Sep 2015

    We began our Shakaland tour in Durban where I collected my clients and we covered more of the in depth history of the Zulus and the area we would be travelling into Eshowe.

    Once we arrived at Shakaland for the tour we enjoyed the shop and the amazing African crafts as well as music before the tour of the Umuzi(homestead) began!

    We learned the structure of the Zulu Umuzi and then watched a 15 minuted video clip on the movie Shaka Zulu all of this helps when you do a cultural tour from Durban of this nature.

  • 5th Sep 2015

    It would be north of Durban where our Drakensberg and Midlands of KwaZulu Natal tour would begin. After meeting my clients at 6am we departed for Sani Pass and a tour over into Lesotho over the majestic Drakensberg mountain range.

    This day would be a very long day as it always is but this time I would have to stay at the bottom of the pass as the vehicle was full with the specialist Sani pass guide leading the adventure into Lesotho.

  • 28th Aug 2015

    I met my clients in Durban at their hotel for their Durban day safari tour to Tala game reserve and the valley of 1000 Hills.

    We would begin with some introductions and a briefing of the day tour from Durban and then I was able to settle in to chatting about Durban and KwaZulu Natal and the in depth history of the area that we were entering.

  • 21st Aug 2015

    I met my clients outside of Durban for their Durban day tour to Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve, the closest Big 5 game reserve to Durban!

    It was a different tour for me as of the 5 clients, 3 of them were from South Africa originally and 2 of them had grown up in Australia and were visiting their Mothers land so to speak.

    I usually only have overseas clients so the change was as good as a holiday and I had very nice clients.

  • 22nd Jul 2015

    Drakensberg tour – 20th July 2015


    We began our Drakensberg day tour just outside Durban from my home as I was taking my cousins and wife up the Sani pass into Lesotho.

    It had been 13 years since I had seen my cousin so I was pretty happy about showing off my beautiful country to them and having my wife come with us as well.


    I did the usual covering some of the history of the area of Durban, KwaZulu Natal and South Africa before we arrived in Underberg and changed over vehicles into a 4×4 to go up the Sani pass.


    Lesotho is an amazing country with the Drakensberg mountain as its border. In Zulu we call it Ukhahlamba which means the barrier of spears and the word “Drakensberg” means dragons peak!


    The view up the Sani pass in the Drakensberg was lovely today as it was a clear day.





    Drakensberg tour, View up the Drakensberg

    Drakensberg tour, View up the Drakensberg
















    We had a very lucky day on our way up to Lesotho and in Lesotho itself, we spotted a host of Jackal Buzzards and Pied crows… As well as Dassies(Rock Hyrax), Eland antelope and Reebuck. We even spotted some Ground Woodpeckers.





    Drakensberg tour, Ground Wood Pecker

    Drakensberg tour, Ground Wood Pecker
















    The Eland are the Bushmen or San peoples totem animal and these people were the original South Africans that were sadly killed out by every other group of people that are in South African today.

    The Eland had special powers for the San people and they would use it to communicate with there ancestors.





    Drakensberg tour, Eland

    Drakensberg tour, Eland

















    On route up the Drakensberg on our day tour into Lesotho we came across a small waterfall up Sani Pass called Lovers Cascade. It is believed that here the San people would come to drink the fresh water and which would give them eternal life…





    Drakensberg tour, Lovers cascade!

    Drakensberg tour, Lovers cascade!

















    We then stopped at the South African border post before we continued the 8 kilometers to Sani top the highest pub in Africa and of course the Lesotho border post.

    We got the passports stamped and I got a picture of my cousins.





    Drakensberg tour, My cousins at the South African border post

    Drakensberg tour, My cousins at the South African border post
















    As we made our way into Lesotho we noticed that there was snow in the mountain and some of the hairpin bends were which has waterfalls were frozen over. It was about 9 degrees up the sani pass but mostly due to to cold breeze.

    It was now time for us to visit the Basotho village and to enter one of the huts to learn more about the Basotho people and taste some lovely home made bread.





    Drakensberg tour, Snow in the Drakensberg

    Drakensberg tour, Snow in the Drakensberg
















    After the great hospitality we continued our Drakensberg tour and made our way to the Highest pub in Africa, Sani Top. It was here we had some lunch and enjoyed the great views as well as the warmth of the Pub as it was so cold.






    Drakensberg tour, Highest pub in Africa

    Drakensberg tour, Highest pub in Africa

















    After lunch it was time to begin the journey down the Sani pass and enjoy the spectacular views of the Drakensberg mountain leaving Lesotho behind us.


    It was a beautiful decent down the Drakensberg mountain and we arrived back at the bottom at about 15:30.






    Drakensberg tour, View down Sani pass in the Drakensberg

    Drakensberg tour, View down Sani pass in the Drakensberg
















    Once we got to the bottom we stretched our legs after the “African Massage” on the bumpy dirt roads and made our way back home after what turned out to be a very long but enjoyable day.


    Our Drakensberg day tour ended back at our home where we enjoyed some food and a special drink my cousins brought for us. It was a special day!


    If you would like to do this tour into the Drakensberg click the below link:


    Drakensberg day tour

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