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  • 31st Jul 2018

    Cannibalism in nature is nothing new, nor is it uncommon in our human history.
    It is just one of those topics people choose to shy away from discussing as it is so emotive!
    Watch some amazing original footage of Hyena Cannibalism and learn about some local examples.

  • 12th Nov 2015

    This brief write up is my understanding of the forming of the Zulu nation into a great kingdom over the years. We have to always keep in mind that almost all that is written on the Zulu nation is from word of mouth of Oral history and this could mean that it has been twisted over the years.

    The Zulu nation like any other in its early days was illiterate and it took the missionaries which came to South Africa in the 1840’s to begin with educating the Zulu people about God and Jesus as well as the other western ways.