Tala game reserve and Phezulu Safari Tour 9/11/13 - Tim Brown Tours

Tala game reserve and Phezulu Safari Tour 9/11/13

Tala and Phezulu Safari Tour 9 November 2013

Well the rain held off for this Durban day Safari tour thank God!

I met my clients in Durban and we departed away from the rain to Tala private game reserve. Upon entering we found the Rhinos, Zebra, Wildebeest, impala, Nyala, Giraffe, and even a Blue Crane – South Africas National Bird.

It was a great tour around Tala game reserve.

When we left 3 hours later we drove through the valley of 1000 hills and stopped at the Jesus statue in Inchanga. I still cannot find any information on when it was put there or why but it is amazing. It reminds me of Rio.

We then stopped at Phezulu for the Zulu Cultural experience, lunch and the reptile park. This was great and the dancing was great.

Over all a great Durban day Safari Tour.


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