Covid-19 Procedure

Covid-19 Procedure

We at Tim Brown Tours understand that we are in unprecedented times and this calls for extraordinary measures. Your safety has always been and will continue to be of paramount importance to us.


We have implemented changes to our general procedure to ensure that we comply with WHO recommendations and to offer you the best possible experience in the circumstances.


When joining Tim Brown Tours on one of our safaris/tours the following measures will be in place:

  • Temperatures to be taken and noted
  • A short register to be completed on start of the tour
  • Each vehicle will have its own sanitizing spray for use by guests
  • Masks will be compulsory until such a time as the law changes
  • Should you not have a mask, one will be provided at no cost to guests
  • Upon entry and exit into and from the vehicle, hands will be sprayed with sanitizer
  • Upon exiting the vehicle and at the end of the tours, vehicles will be cleaned, and sanitized with spray.

The vehicles will be quarantined for a period of time between each tour before new guests may enter the vehicles.