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I was in Durban for Comrades this year and wanted to do more than sit in my hotel room. I found Tim Brown’s company through previous Trip Advisor reporting and felt all the positive reviews had to be based on something good…and were they ever!

Tim was very flexible in coordinating a safari that met, and exceeded, every expectation. The entire process of making a reservation, getting picked up/dropped off, and, lest I forget… the trip itself.

An extremely outgoing and friendly person, Tim was a wealth of knowledge not only on the animals in the park, the conservation efforts underway to protect them, but also a great person to talk with in order to gain an appreciation of all things related to South Africa and its history.

I generally balk at taking tours because of bad past experiences. I’m also less inclined to provide reviews/public feedback. However, I have NO problem giving Tim my highest rating with my utmost confidence that he will provide you a comparable experience.

If you have doubts about whether Tim’s company is the right company for you – cast out the doubt and contact him. You will have a great experience!

Todd – Fairfax, Virginia

3 Day Drakensberg Tour

We really enjoyed our 3 day tour of the Drakensberg Mountains. Arranging the trip with Tim was very easy, including the ACH payment method – no additional fees and able to send funds directly from our US account.

This was our first ‘guided’ tour tailored to our needs, and we were somewhat tentative about chit-chat, forced cordiality and the like – but our hesitation was put immediately to rest … Tim was personable, gracious and able to magically know how much was “just right” – we couldn’t have imagined a better fit. Not only were the scenery and accommodations great, the hiking trails selected by Tim were just the right combination of exercise and natural wonder. On top of all of this, Tim was a wealth of information about the history, plants, animals and local culture.

We highly recommend Tim Brown Tours.

Chris K – Hanover, New Hampshire

I don’t expect so much for a reserve like Tala but I was wrong. Tim know very well the place and all things relative to the animals we saw there. And we had a very good time in the PheZulu reserve. To be true I don’t know how you can do a better job.


The places that we were planned to go like Tala game reserve, St Lucia Wetlands, and the City Tour were great and awesome. We were taken to place that worthwhile to visit such as wildlife and people way of living in Durban. We appreciated the knowledge and professionalism of Tim for the wildlife, also for his good eyes that he identified many species of wildlife and introduced to us. We learnt a lot during the trip and thanks for introducing us a beautiful South Africa. We also appreciated the timeliness, the comfortable vehicles and the sweet welcome bag every day.

Albert and Fion

Great tour, really enjoyable and well thought out, good amount of info and facts about the animals. Also enjoyed the stops to identify plants and insects as well as the larger animals. More stories welcome!

We were all very impressed, there wasn’t anything we would have changed (apart from the weather ;o)

Clare Browett
Unilever Global Mobility Manager – Asia

I confess I tried not to have any expectations, in case nobody came out to play.

The whole experience was amazing, I wanted to stay a week.
I’ll be back, and I will recommend you, Tim! I always have an opinion on service. I haven’t seen such excellent service in a very long time – I think it was underlined by your absolute passion for what you do and where you are.

Victoria Marsh
Unilever Global Mobility Manager – UK 

Hi Tim!!! We are really pleased with the experience. We have been very well served by your side in every way, information, timeliness, professionalism, comfort and humane treatment we have received very good, it is also important. You know being a friend during the trip. Pleasantly appreciated. I will recommend your services to friends, family and everyone I know who wants to come to South Africa.

I wish you all the best of luck in your adventures.

Josep Camargo – Spain (Barcelona)

Thank you ‘Safari Tim’ for such a great tour of Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park (and yes, I still remember how to pronounce it)! I was very impressed by your professionalism and knowledge of everything in the bush – and now I know what I can eat and how to brush my teeth if I am ever lost in the bush on my own!! You really have given me an experience that I will never forget. Thanks again for everything and I will let you know when I plan to return with JP – we can tackle Kruger next!

Christine – the Canadian living in Switzerland

Greetings from Dubai! Thank you once again for the wonderful experience you made us live: the trip without you would have been completely different! My family and myself are still remembering the good times we spent together and the nice relationship we have built with you long the journey. Actually, the trip exceeded my expectation. Your professionalism, courtesy and kindness are above any so far experienced tour. Will absolutely suggest and repeat the experience! There is no improvement needed. Just keep this service and maintain same standard to all trips/tours/services.

Claudia Palombo – Rois Travels(Owner) – Dubai UAE/Italy 

Fantastic guide to all that is KwaZulu-Natal

I visited Durban with my wife for business, but we decided to spend a long weekend in Hluhluwe to see what animals we could. We were set up with Tim through a booking agent, but in the future we would book with Tim directly. We chose the 2 night tour of Hluhluwe that started out with an unforgettable encounter with a cheetah at Emdoneni and then proceeded to Hluhluwe. Having Tim as a guide was absolutely fantastic. Tim has worked for some of the private reserves in the area and is definitely known (and can get a few good tips) in the Hluhluwe region. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the plants and wildlife, and is an excellent spotter.

Tim also has a good eye for the abundant birds in the park, so even if you’re striking out with the big game, he can tell you what bird calls you’re hearing and what the different species of birds are around you. Having Tim as a guide is also a fantastic option because it greatly extends the number of hours you’ll be able to actually see the animals. If you stay at the lodge by yourself, you’re limited to 3 hour drives. Tim will wake up at the crack of 5am and have you out in the reserve for a few hours before breakfast and then take you out again and again! Your eyes will hurt from looking at all the animals. We had an absolutely wonderful time, and Tim also will arrange tours in Kruger if you’re headed up there in the future.

Lastly, ask about his wife’s achars! We weren’t lucky enough to try them, but perhaps she’ll send him out with a few samples next time!

Michael Fang

What can I say the trip of a life time and Tim made it happen, he was fantastic he let us completely tailor the trip to what we wanted to do and when, this flexibility mean we could do a 5 hour drive instead of the standard 3hrs. On top of this Tim spotted everything near or far. You would be a fool not to use him!

Victoria Loughton

“Wow – a great time with the right guide”

We had Tim Brown as our guide — leaving from Durban and going on the 3 day safari, the 3rd day included a visit to see crocodiles and hippos in the St. Lucia Wetlands.

Tim was able to tell us some Zulu history, and other history of the area while we drove to the reserve, this was very interesting and greatly appreciated.

The safari was great, and Tim could show us where to look for animals, explained their habits, and characteristics. It was funny to pull over and look for animals (which at times we could not find) but then Tim would show us where to look. Some people would pull over to see what we were looking or pointing at, and then just drive on because they could not see anything. If people choose to take a drive in the reserve without a guide, I know they would not get the same experience. Plus as tourists, we were a three hour drive from the park, and did not have a car. Tim picked us up and returned us right to the hotel.

The park itself was great, we were pretty happy to see an elephant and rhino almost as soon as we drove in to the park. I loved the rhino, they are actually everywhere so we got used to them pretty quickly. Many animals are comfortable walking very close to the vehicle, zebras, elephants, rhinos, water buffalo – we viewed all of them often, and close up.

Although it took a little more patience, with Tim’s help, we also got to see lions and cheetahs. A special treat was when we got very close to African wild dogs which are normally spotted only rarely.

We stayed at Hilltop Lodge which had a great view from the restaurant, and the cabins were spacious and very well equipped. The kids loved seeing monkeys right from the porch.

We had some difficulties with our camera, but Tim resolved that issue too, so we came home with great pictures. After the safari, we still had some time in Durban, so later in the week we hired Tim again to see the Zulu village and crocodile park. We had a great time there too !! We were lucky to be there when the feeding of the crocodiles took place, that was really interesting. The trip made for great family memories, and I would recommend Tim Brown tours without hesitation.

Cole family from Ottawa, Canada

“Amazing Safari, Amazing Guide. Perfect!”

I’m 23 and recently went on a Safari with my girlfriend and a friend of ours, with Tim as our private guide for 3 days (2 nights).I could make this review 20 pages long and it would still not be long enough to talk about all of the amazing experiences we had on the Safari so I will try and just put it simply. Tim is a fantastic guide who knows the answer to literally everything you could possibly ask him. He clearly has a passion for his job and this only serves to rub off and create more excitement for all of us throughout the whole Trip.

He made the trip totally about what we wanted to do and was happy to go out on the game-drives at any time we wanted – even at 04.45 in the morning!!! Tim also took some absolutely fantastic photo’s throughout the whole trip, which he put onto CD for us for a very small fee that is definitely worth it for the amazing memories that it captures! Tim was excellent at spotting all of the animals and turned these great sightings into something really special by explaining all of the different animal behaviour we were seeing! It made such a difference having somebody who knew so much and at the same time was as excited as we all were to see the animals. He was a pleasure to spend time with on the Safari and having dinner with us in the evenings.

Tim is a great guy… very funny, very nice and very knowledgeable. Tim really made the safari for all of us and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is looking to go on a Safari! Definitely a 10/10 from me!

Daniel R
Loughton, United Kingdom

Dear Tim,

It’s such a pleasure to read your article, which makes us relive those adventurous days in the bush. The way from Umkomaas, which passed so quick, while you were telling us about the exciting history of the Zulu nation and the conquest of South Africa by the Boers and Great Britain. The arrival at the camp, where, after a short time, the first game showed up, and the dinner we had together, enjoying the tasty bush cuisine with a great south African wine. Thanks also for the little astronomy course on the way back to the bungalow ; For us coming from the northern hemisphere, the austral sky is an unforgettable sight, but, in the bush, it is especially breath-taking. The next day, the morning bush drive was fantastic, especially tracking that leopard. We felt very lucky afterwards, talking to other guests, who had been there for longer than us, and not having seen so much as we had. You definitely know where to look. We have appreciated your enthusiasm, your sense of humour and, of course, your great knowledge, not only in wildlife and nature, but also in the history of your country, and the passionate way you talk about it.

We also really appreciated your seriousness and your sense of organization; At the same time, everything was perfectly organized, and we have never had the impression, to have to follow a rigid schedule; you always let us a great freedom of decision in what to do. The time organization was also optimal; we never felt in a hurry, nor had the impression to have time to kill. You made our stay in Hluhluwe a fantastic adventure and we can only warmly recommend you to anyone wanting to explore the area. And, last but not least, you were of great company, Tim, it was always a pleasure spending time with you!

Hoping to hit the bush again with you some day,

Yan and Dolores, from Luxembourg (Europe).

We just arrived home in “Missouri” so I have not had a chance to really process in my mind all that we experienced on our 26 day safari. I will say the time we spent with Tim Brown and his level of personal service cannot be matched. The week we spent with him on this trip did indeed give us so many great memories and his level of experience and knowledge were so instrumental to our enjoyment. As he mentions in his portrayal of our visit to Spioenkop, I again got that same lump in my throat that I had while there.

I could go on and on but to close let me say, I would tour with Tim again in a heartbeat and am already considering another trip, this time to Kruger, and will only consider Tim as our guide. And Tim, the hunt portion of the trip was a huge success, and we found that Eland.

Take care,

Les Green Missouri USA

As to the trip with you we found it excellent in all respects. Great knowledge and general commentary from you which made the trip to and from the park very enjoyable.

We will gladly use your company in future visits to South Africa.

We are very happy with all aspects of the day with your company.

Warm regards

Bob and Margaret Sheehan
Camden, Australia