Hluhluwe Umfolozi, Cat rehab and St Lucia 4 Day Durban Safari Tour 16-19 September 2013 - Tim Brown Tours

Hluhluwe Umfolozi, Cat rehab and St Lucia 4 Day Durban Safari Tour 16-19 September 2013

Hluhluwe Umfolozi 4 Day Safari Tour 16 to 19 September 2013


Well how do you fit 4 days of Safari pictures in just 6 picture slots like above! Its imposible!

We departed Durban on our Big 5 overnight Safari Tour on the 16th September 2013 and headed up to Hluhluwe umfolozi game reserve the most famous game reserve in Africa.

Day 1. Durban Big 5, 4 Day Safari Tour

was first spent stopping at the cat rehab centre in Hluhluwe for a tour there and cheetah interaction. Then we departed for the game reserve in search of animals.

We just took a straight drive to the lodge but still saw plenty of animals.

After stopping for lunch and checking into Hilltop camp hluhluwe we headed out to see what we could find, the bush (Tour) was pumping with animals and we did really well seeing Rhinos mating among other great things.

We returned to camp after a great drive for dinner.

Day 2- Big 5 Durban 4 Day Safari Tour.

I decided to go looking for Elephants so we began early at 6am and did come across some spoor and dung so we tracked these Elephants for about 6 km until we found them Sadly the had moved away from the road but we did see them. A great first Elephant sighting.

We also saw loads of Rhinos, giraffe, buffalo etc.

After a great breakfast we took a rest before Lunch and we headed back out for a few more hours. We were lucky again as on our way back we found some Elephants mud coming toward the road and the mud Wallowed right near to us. It was great.

Then came the evening game drive and the guests saw Lions, yay.

Dinner was great.

Day 3 – Durban Big 5, 4 Day Safari Tour

We decided to come for breakfast at 7am and then so a full day Safari Tour which meant we could get down South into the depths of Umfolozi. This turned out to be a 7.5 hour game drive.

We had great luck though. We stopped at Mpafa hide and after 10 minutes of waiting a Lioness with her 2 subadult cubs came to drink. This was amazing. We also discovered that they had stashed a kill 25 meters away from the hide and this made it exciting when leaving the hide. The rule was NO RUNNING!

We also saw giraffe, Zebra, Bufallo, Rhino and heaps of general game like baboons, monkeys, nyala, kudu, duiker, crocodile aswell as Birdlife.

We returned forfilled for a rest before dinner.

Dinner was again great. I also did some star gazing this night with the guests but the full moon really didnt help…

Day 4 of our 4 Day Durban Big 5 Safari Tour

We came down for breakfast and check out before a final 3 hour game drive which was also great. We then departed for St Lucia Estuary or Isimangeliso Wetland park as its now known.

On the Boat cruise we saw loads of Hippos and Crocodiles as well as some bird life.

This being done we headed into town and had some lunch before departing for Durban and final farewell.


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