Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game reserves amazing Flora and Fauna

The first spring rains always bring new life to Umfolozi and Hluhluwe reserve. There is never a dull moment as the vegetation changes constantly with the seasons. Even fire plays a big roll in changing the landscape and Flora of the area.

Hluhluwe Umfolozi Safari Tours with Tim Brown Tours are the best way to see this ever changing natural affair.

Flora and Fauna of Hluhluwe Umfolozi

Flora of Hluhluwe : Weeping Boerbean

Above is a picture taken on the 10th of September 2013 when the Weeping Boerbean flowers. There are so many interesting things about these great trees but one which stands out is the fact the the “Boers” – Dutch descendants used the Bean(the seed) of this tree as a substitute for coffee. Basically they would roast it and grind it up then mix it with Hot water boiled over the fire.

These are some of the amazing things which make a Tour of Hluhluwe umfolozi so worth while. On a tour with Tim Brown you will get to learn about these great giants not only the great Giant the Elephant but the Flora of this great game reserve Hluhluwe Umfolozi.


Flora of hluhluwe umfolozi game reserve

Flora Hluhluwe Game reserve : Snake Lilly

This amazing Plant which is a bulb and only grows in damp areas flowering in Spring if a beautiful addition to a Hluhluwe Umfolozi Safari Tour. It is a vibrant red and when the dew drops form in the early morning there is no better sight aside of the Big 5!

So take a Safari Tour with Tim Brown Tours and you maybe surprised what you learn about aside of the Big 5 and Fauna of Hluhluwe Umfolozi!


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