Hluhluwe game reserve shows off African Wild Dog

Hluhluwe game reserve shows off African Wild Dog!

Wild dog with Duiker head in mouth

African Wild Dog Teeters on the Edge of Extinction

Hluhluwe Game Reserve has been protecting the African Wild Dog population from the brink of extinction for many years. 

Interview with Tim Brown – Experienced South African Safari Tour Guide

Stay tuned for fascinating video footage from Tim Brown Tours. Tim captures rare behaviour of the African Wild Dog over the years within the Hluhluwe game reserve.

Why are these incredible animals so close to “being gone forever?” Tim Brown answers this question from his unique insight into these animals.

Interview with Brown

Hluhluwe Game Reserve ~ Issues Facing the African Wild Dog Population

Q – Could you explain briefly the issues which face the African Wild dog populations in general through out Africa?

A – Firstly African Wild dogs are listed as the second most endangered carnivore in Africa. They are team players and do not hold a territory. This means they roam over vast areas in search of food which usually ranges from small to medium sized antelope.

Major issues are the loss of habitat due to human encroachment on their natural environment. Diseases like Rabies and Canine distemper and generally just being a smaller predator means they will be killed by other predators due to the competition for food. Obviously issues go deeper than this, however we probably won’t have time to go into it today. (Brown Chuckles).

Measures Taken by Hluhluwe Game Reserve to protect the African Wild Dog Population

Q – Could you explain some of the measures taken in Hluhluwe game reserve to protect the African Wild Dog populations?

A – Hluhluwe Game Reserve takes a number of measures.

  • From “spicing up genetics” by bringing other Wild Dogs into the reserve to ensure strong genes for the future.
  • To a monitoring campaign run by “Wildlife Act” a private company employed by Ezimvelo KZN Wildlife. 
    • They monitor the populations, genetics, “Escapes”, injuries and a number of other things including the movements of each pack.
    • This is done with the help of radio transmitter Collars (which I hate!..) but sadly it has to be done for the betterment of the Dogs future.
Hluhluwe Game Reserve ~ Rare Footage of the African Wild Dog.

Q – Could you enlighten us with some details of the amazing and rare video footage you have captured over the years?

A – Having spent the best part of 15 years guiding and conducting photographic Safaris. With the majority of those years in  the Hluhluwe game reserve, you can imagine I get more opportunity than most to capture great footage, for which I am truly grateful.

Hluhluwe Game Reserve ~ Video of Wild dogs chasing a new born Giraffe 


One video was where we captured the Wild dogs chasing and attempting to hunt a new born Giraffe within the national park. This is rare due to the risk factors of being kicked by a Giraffe which will break bones, resulting in death directly or indirectly. The Dogs tried their luck even though a new born Giraffe will be protected by its mother!

Hluhluwe Game Reserve ~ White Rhino charging mating pair of African Wild dogs.

On another occasion we came across the African Wild dog Alpha male and female mating(as it is only the Alpha pair which can mate unless circumstance dictate otherwise). Two White Rhino charged them while mating! As a guide it is these sightings where you get interaction between the different species which are most exciting! It is one thing to see a Wild dog or a Rhino, but to see them interacting in any way is very special!

Video of  White Rhino charging mating pair of African Wild dogs.
Hluhluwe Game Reserve ~ Wild dogs hunt Red Duiker

There have been a number of occasions where I have been fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time to be able to catch the African Wild dogs hunting in Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve. One of these was where my clients and I watched them chase after a Red Duiker which they had flushed out of the African bush. As the Dogs chased the Antelope as a team – we chased them all as they were parallel to the dirt road we were driving on. They chased the Duiker within about 6 meters from the road where we stopped to watch the carnage. Within minutes it was all over and all that remained was a couple of legs and the head. Quite an amazing sighting!


Hluhluwe Game Reserve ~Video of Wild dogs &  the Red Duiker

This is probably my favourite sighting of all. One which would not naturally attract the most interest.It was just a Relaxed day in the bush – one of those special days. I find it is especially in these times that animals come to you.

We were on our way to Hilltop camp in the Hluhluwe section of the Park. When we came around the bend of the main Tar road we discovered a pack of Wild dogs which had just killed a Red Duiker (male) – note the horns. It was amazing as some of them were playing with the Duikers head which for me was something special. I had seen and filmed it before but for some reason this time was just more special. The image below has stuck in my mind over the years. Below that : the video of another time when I filmed an African Wild Dog chewing the ear off a Duikers head. (note this video is not from the Hluhluwe Game Reserve)


Hluhluwe Game Reserve - African Wild dog with Duiker head in mouth


Hluhluwe Game Reserve ~ Video of African Wild dog chewing Head of Red Duiker


Q – Wow! Mr Brown, this is an amazing array of sightings that you have been fortunate to witness over the years! I am feeling a little jealous…(Laughing). Any way, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your insights and sharing your amazing sightings with us. I am sure that you will continue to impress your clients on both your day and overnight Safaris from Durban. It has been an honour. Thank you Mr. Brown

A – Thank you so much for your time. I hope I have been able to enlighten your production team as well as those who will be reading this post. So best wishes for the future, enjoy your lunch and “Born up a Tree” – (Bon apa tea)



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