African safari tours

African safari tours – 30th October 2015

African safari tours are always amazing but this African safari tour would be extra special as we would see so many amazing animals in Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve.

I had met my client in Umhlanga near Durban for their Durban day safari. We began what turned out to be a very short 2.5 hours drive to Hluhluwe game reserve. It would be the boarder between the two sections that we would enter.

It was in this section we located a massive male Warthog very early on in our African safari tour.

African safari tours; Warthog

African safari tours; Warthog

This male Warthog had huge tusks and warts on his face which was quite a sight to behold and it was only the start of our safari from Durban.

As time went on we got further into the wilderness on our safari and located a journey of Giraffe which were so beautiful to watch as the rested in the shade moving ever so often.

Giraffe during our Safari

Giraffe on our Safari

On African safari tours there is no promise of great animal sighting as it is a natural environment meaning the animals decided if you see them, how you see them and where you see them!

We were fortunate as near these Giraffe was a dazzle of Zebra and the one Zebra gave out a big yawn, showing her teeth. Another great sighting on our Durban day safari in the African wilderness.

Zebra showing his teeth

Zebra showing his teeth

It was now time to turn around and head down south into the Umfolozi game reserve section to see what else we could find. As it is so dry it really helps with game viewing but does also mean the animals maybe some where else where there is food and water.

We were lucky as we heading for the Umfolozi river we stopped at a view sight over the dry riverbed and found Rhino and Elephant in close proximity.

African safari tours; Elephant

African safari tours; Elephant

African safari tours are never complete if you do not see the great African Elephant and we had now seen 3 together and a few more in the distance earlier in the safari.

The Rhinos were in the riverbed and a territorial male Rhino had found spot of water to lay in to cool off and a mother Rhino and her calves approached him looking to rest in the same area! Wow, what a great sighting on our African safari tour.

Group of Rhino

Group of Rhino

We then decided to take our safari over the Umfolozi river heading as far south as we could to try and find Lion. It would not be an easy task but as I always say life if all about timing and boy did we have some amazing timing.

We arrived 45 minutes later at the most Southern part of the Umfolozi game reserve which overlooks a section of the river and a lovely rock face and to our surprise there was a huge male Lion hunting!

He was in the middle of the river bed and approaching an Nyala male which was feeding on the river bank. The Lion went into hunt mode and go as close as he could before attempting a final dash to try and catch the Nyala. The Lions hunt came to and end and he was unsuccessful which happens 9 out of 10 times anyway!

African safari tours; Lion hunting

African safari tours; Lion hunting

It was all about timing and being at the right place at the right time to see this once in a lifetime experience and close miss by the Lion hunting the Nyala Antelope. This is unusual behavior but when it is dry Lions can use the element of Surprise as Antelope do not expect to be hunted in the day time by a Lion as Lions are nocturnal mostly.

I was so happy that I though to turn on the cameras video mode so I could share this awesome video of the Lion hunting with you. What a special experience on our Wilderness safari from Durban while my clients were in South Africa on Holidays.

We watched the Lion lay down in the middle of the riverbed and we then spotted a couple of Lioness under some Acacia trees resting from the heat of the day. They probably though the Lion was stupid to expend energy on food during the heat of the day but the element of surprise can sometimes work!


It was time to make our way back for some lunch and on route we spotted Buffalo on a couple of occasions!

Buffalo on African Safari

Buffalo on African safari

We had been so lucky on this African safari tour. And we really couldn’t expect anymore than we had already seen but yet the animals kept appearing. A male Rhino resting in the shade was next on our safari!

Rhino resting

Rhino resting

Our wilderness safari now continued on toward the lunch stop. And when we arrived we all tucked into some good food. 

A spot of craft shopping was on the cards and then our African safari tour would continue slowly back to the gate so we could exit. It had been a late lunch and it was already 3pm when we spotted some Baboons on and next to the road near the gate!



To be very honest with you I do not see how our African safari tour could have been any better. It is an  amazing wilderness that we have in Africa!

We departed and made our way back to Durban arriving at 6pm. We were all very happy with how well our safari had gone. The clients took home so many memories of this special time.

Join Tim Brown Tours on African safari during your South African holidays and have the opportunity to experience Hluhluwe game reserve, Big 5 and malaria free safari as well as being only 2.5 hours from Durban. It is a must to add to you list of places to visit near Durban in South Africa!

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