Sani Pass Archives - Tim Brown Tours
  • 27th April 2016
    The Drakenberg is South Africa’s second proclaimed world heritage site and this is one of the many reasons we visit the majestic mountains on day and multi day tours.
  • 17th February 2016
    Drakensberg day tour   Our Drakensberg day tour began in Durban where I collected my clients and we began a great day under the African sun exiting South Africa over the Drakensberg mountains into Lesotho a landlocked country in South Africa.
  • 9th September 2015
    Drakensberg midlands tour   I collected my solo client for his Drakensberg midlands tour and we ventured into the amazing central Drakensberg up the sani pass and into Lesotho.
  • 22nd July 2015
    Drakensberg tour – 20th July 2015   We began our Drakensberg day tour just outside Durban from my home as I was taking my cousins and wife up the Sani pass into Lesotho.
  • 2nd July 2015
    Drakensberg private day tour     I met my client in Umhlanga north of Durban for his Drakensberg private day tour and it was an early start.
  • 10th June 2015
    Sani Pass Tour into Lesotho 10th June 2015     I met my clients in Durban and we began the 2.5 – 3 hour drive up to Underberg where we would be ascending into the mountain kingdom of Lesotho via the Sani Pass.
  • 27th April 2015
    Sani Pass Drakensberg day tour 25th April 2015   I met me clients in Durban and they would be doing two days of touring with me beginning with today’s Sani Pass Drakensberg day tour from Durban.
  • 14th March 2015
    Drakensberg day tour – Sani pass Lesotho 12th March 2015   I met my clients in Durban for their Drakensberg day tour where we would be going up the pass into Lesotho a land locked country in South Africa and on average the highest country in the world.
  • 29th November 2014
    Sani Pass Drakensberg Day Tour from Durban– 21st November 2014     After collecting my clients from there respective hotels we began with the interesting drive to Underberg and Himeville where we meet our 4×4 vehicles and head up the Sani Pass into Lesotho   This whole are is known as the Drakensberg and is South Africa’s second world heritage site.  
  • 19th June 2014
    Drakensberg Day Tour from Durban to the Sani Pass 18th June 2014     We departed from Umhlanga outside of Durban with my clients and headed to UnderBerg where we would meet the 4×4 vehicle to begin our Durban Day Tour which would take us over into the Drakensberg/Lesotho via the Sani Pass.